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Thread: GJA's favorite episodes?

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    Question GJA's favorite episodes?

    Now that everything is said and done and we're here at a kickin' new forum, I figure one more time should do it. Has season four managed to work it's magic on your top ten? I know it has with mine...

    10. Emotion Sickness.
    Why it's #10:
    I am absolutely nowhere near what you'd call either a shipper of Kim/Ron or Drakken/Shego, but even I cannot resist the absolutely inanity and humor of this episode. It's positively infectious. I swear... you can hear it in the voice acting that Christy Carlson Romano and Nicole Sullivan were having a blast with the whole thing.

    9. Go Team Go.
    Why it's #9:
    Great episode. Simply some great stuff. The action sequence at Aviarius' liar was just superb. Only thing the episode lacked was more interaction between Shego and her brothers... that, and the Wegos really needed more screentime.

    8. Mind Games.
    Why it's #8:
    Oh, it's just a gosh darn good episode. Sure, the whole mind switcheroo is a bit of a cliché, but it's a fun one when utilized correctly. And this episode is exactly that. Doesn't hurt that the stuff involving Drakken and Shego was top notch... if a little different from what would become the norm for them both.

    7. Ron the Man.
    Why it's #7:
    Just a plain ol' fun episode. The sequence of events in Nevada was just great in every respect. And it brought to us Hench Co. Nice story for Ron, good times to be had involving Drakken and Shego, not to mention it gave to us both Dementor and Jack Hench (even if the former wouldn't ever be quite the same in later appearance, the latter sadly underutilized).

    6. Graduation Part 2.
    Why it's #6:
    KP at it's most action packed. Part 1 was simply a long winded set up, but it led to the greatness of this episode. While Warhok was a little... basic in character, it still helped set him apart from other KP villains. A fine send off for the series, leaving enough doors open for the characters so that it doesn't hit you over the head that this is the end. A few recurring characters that should have shown up didn't get to (Yori for instance), and perhaps Ron's contribution to the final battle was excessive and over the top, but those are merely minor blights on an otherwise awesome series finalé.

    5. Exchange.
    Why it's #5:
    Ron and Yori for the win! Also helps that Monkey Fist is actually a threat in this episode. Doesn't hurt the Star Trek nerd in me that George Takei was a part of the whole thing. Sadly this was the last time Monkey Fist truly got his due as a villain. Seeing this episode again recently thanks to the big marathon led me to reevaluating its position on this list. And it richly deserves it. Monkey Fist at his best, Ron stepping up at it's best and Yori at her best... What more could you want?

    4. A Very Possible Christmas.
    Why it's #4:
    Ooohhh... a Christmas special that makes what could be considered some sappy stuff work out way too well. It' s the feel good episode of the series. Also... everybody gets a happy ending. There's a plus.

    3. Two to Tutor.
    Why it's #3:
    Oh, c'mon... y'all know I'm a big fan of the Shego/SSJ relationship... and this episode is the pinnacle of it all. 'Course it's gonna rank high... very, very high... on my list. Again, nothing wrong with this episode either.

    2. Mad Dogs and Aliens.
    Why it's #2:
    This episode is near perfection, dude. It's awesome to the max. Tubular. Radical. Badical. Amazing. Spectacular. Sensational. Words cannot express how much I love this episode. Especially considering I was massively hyped for it... and it delivered fully and completely. Delivered in spades. Not one thing wrong this beauty of an episode.

    1. Stop Team Go.
    Why it's #1:
    If the last episode is near perfection, then this one is perfection personified. Shego's turning into Miss Go (as well as her interactions with the other various characters)... Electronique proving to be a worthy villain... Kim and Shego actually getting along... Team Go being amusing to no end, especially in regards to chicken... Zorpox making a surprise return (and not being an annoying waste of time for once)... Add all of those things together and you get my absolute favorite episode of Kim Possible. Oh, and Drakken's legendary and otherwise epic war with the pickle jar (complete with Shego turning the tides of that battle) was the cherry on top for Stop Team Go.

    So... how 'bout the rest of the GJA members?

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    "Stop Team Go" is number one on your list, 84?


    Hmm... having to evaluate the entire series to come up with my own top ten... this will take me a while. (Got a lot on my plate, after all...) I'll have to get back to you on that.

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    Yeah... what Rob said....I'm going to have to think long and hard on this one .... there were alot of new episodes that I really liked. I'll get back to you with my list.

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    My favorites, excluding movies and not in any particular order:

    Mathter and Fervent
    I just love the math puns.

    The Mentor Of Our Discontent
    Frugal Lucre + Drakken = epic win.

    A Very Possible Christmas
    This episode features my all-time favorite Christmas carol.

    Rappin' Drakken
    When rap has lyrics that I can get behind, it's actually pretty good. Too bad we didn't get to see Kimmie sing in this one, though.

    The Big Job
    Loved the humor. The writers took this idea and ran with it.

    Monkey Fist Strikes
    A great introductory episode for my favorite KP villain. Humor, action, it's got it all.

    Big Bother
    I like Hana, and Ron's Ronnish reaction to her was pretty hilarious.

    Emotion Sickness
    The romance aspect was nice, but I just loved the absurdity of the entire situation. It made for some good laughs.

    Oh No! Yono!
    More Hana, and Yono made a good villain. It's too bad an old one met his end (for now, at least).

    Rewriting History
    This was the first episode I watched the whole way through, and thus has a special place in my heart.

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    I don't have a whole lot of favorites... Being as I love KP as a whole... But I'll just name a couple...

    Odds Man In - The scene where Ron's dad and Rufus appear in the top of the panic room made me laugh so hard... It's definatley a favorite moment in my head.

    Oh no Yono - She's litterally on the ceiling Ron! The ultimate babysitting job... Good times...

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    #1: Graduation: bar none.....This is as good as it gets in my book. It was a perfect way to finalize the series and yet leave things open for the future. The action was well paced and full. The main plot lines that have been carried on through the series were resolved, if not completely, then on to the next level.

    A) The end of the battle into which Ron ascends into his MMP as a monkey master did not appear to be over the top to me. To me, it was the eventual result of Ron's devotion to his GF. I have always felt that Ron luckjed into the MMP from MFS for a reason. And that reason is Kim. Although we never heard him say it, we know he loves her. At the same time he tells her he can't live without her, he is willing to let her go and find her own way in the world, even if it meant being without him. The final battle where he activates his power and defeats Warmonga and Warhawk proved to what lengths he will go to protect her when needed. You have to look at the actual battle sequences to see that this is not a fight in which Ron lucks out and gets fortunate punches. In the past, he always manages to slip and slide out of the way, every now and then getting ina good stirke. This time, he stands up to them directly. His attacks are filled with the MMP, and they simply overwhelm the enemy. When he finishes, he simply calms the power down and lands next to Kim as she can only stare at him in awe. Unlike other fights where he crows his victory to anyone who would hear him, all he does is stay quiet with a little smile and then reaches down and helps Kim up to her feet. Then Kim, seeing how he has stepped up to the plate and truly saved her this time, as she always used to do for him, emotionally embraces him and we are left with that scene of them hugging each other as Shego watches, Kim's hair flying gently in the breeze. Oh, what I would give to hear the conversation they are having at the time......

    B) Shego and Drakken are finally matched together. Well, that's to be expected at the end of a cartoon series, Disney style. Everyone lives happily ever after for the most part. But it will be very interesting. You have to wonder what Shego sees in Drewbie, but apparently she does see something, enough to have stayed with him through all of his crazy plans.

    C) Bonnie finally gets her comeuppance, although since she's with Junior now, she probably doesn't mind too much, especially with all the money she's going to get out of it. It's doubtful she and Kim will ever see much of each other again........well,......never say never. She could become a third accomplice with the Seniors if they continue to do evil.

    D) Felix and Zita together? Spanking! A good pairing

    E) Barkin falling apart at the end? You had to see it coming after all the bravado he pulled during the entire series! And of course, Nana is the one to put her in her place

    F) and too much more to say at this point.

    #2: So The Drama - Still my all time favorite up until Graduation. I still remember watching it every day for two months staright when I first discovered it.

    #3: Stop Team Go - After the two season enders, the stories revolving around the possibilities of Shego and Kim working together have always intrigued me. I always felt there was some good in Shego despite her protestations to the contrary. I called it in my FanFic that if she were good, she and Kim would be like sisters.

    #4: Go Team Go - The lead up to the previous episode in terms of Shego being able to work with Kim. This is the first time we see it happen. Stop Team Go was the second time. Graduation was the third time.

    #5: Emotion Sickness - The first time we see any official hint of true K/R. For an unabashed shipper like me, I was saying, "Yes! there is a God in Heaven!":P

    #6: Mad Dogs and Aliens - Great action. Great new villain in Warmonga, and I loved the scene in the end of the cheerleader and the football hero walking off into the sunset. You can get any more Americana than that. It's the dream of the outcast guy in school realizing an achievement never thought possible before.

    #7: Clean Slate - Just marvelous how Kim goes through eveything in trying to get all of her memories back, and the fact she tells Ron she thinks she loves him at the end didn't hurt either.

    #8: Oh No, Yono - Probably the most serious episode and the most dangerous that Kim and Ron faced up until Graduation. it is remarkable that Ron was totally unable to harness his MMP for that conflict. I believe it was because of the prophecy that Sensei spoke of. Hana was the only one who could disarm the Yono and therefore defeat MF on her own. Only when MF was out of the way was the path open to Ron to assume and realize his full potantial as a monkey master in time at Graduation.

    #9: Car Alarm - Great introduction of the possibilities of what the tweebs can do for Kim. Wonderful interaction of Shego with Motor Ed, a paring you never thought could happen. And we finally see the super car which helps Kim in all of her saving the world stuff. It portends well for the future in that the tweebs can assist her in her further saving the world efforts. The magno-rings just tore me up, too.

    #10: Ill-Suited - The affirmation of the relationship between Kim and Ron after StD. Great continuation. And then to see Ron go to such lengths to try and keep the relationship going after erroneously thinking she was going to sitch him. It was also an excellent intro to getting into a position socially where he could be better appreciated in school. You'll note that after he makes it onto the football team, there doesn't seem to be anyone in school picking on him anymore. Of course, he's a senior, but it looks like people no longer are thinking he's quite so dweebish.

    There are too many to shoose from for this list though. I have a lot of honorable mentions, but I won't list them here now.
    "Say the Word"

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    Ahoy mateys;

    No particular order, can't think of an episode I didn't find at least something to like about, but here are a few that stand out for me:

    Stop Team Go

    Cap'n Drakken (I wonder if the knaves will present it this fine ITLAP Day)

    Tick, Tick, Tick


    Oh No Yono

    Rufus Vs Commodore Puddles

    Bueno Nacho

    October 31

    There be others, but I dinna kin the titles yclept me episode list.

    Off for the Spanish Main.

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    Well, the only episode i'm sure of is my #1 episode... I'm not going to try to figure out the order of the other because there all pretty much equial.

    Mad dogs and aliens
    Clean Slate
    Cupid Effect
    Oh No! Yono!
    A Very Possible Christmas
    October 31st
    Sick day/The Truth Hurts

    But I do know my #1
    Graduation of course

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    Still not the time for a detailed list. But I remember back when EP asked me that question I told him it was "Rappin' Drakken" - you know, buffoon Ron saving the day twice by accident, class outside in the rain (I had class outside twice tops during thirteen years of school).
    Now I'm kind of heating up with "Oh Boyz" because of the ironic songs and the hilarious "I want it my way" video.
    Maybe I'll be able to put up a ranking soon.

    EDIT: Another reason for "Oh Boyz" would be the Warhammer 40k Orcs calling their troops "Boyz"

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    In no particular order, some of my favorites are:

    • Bueno Nacho
    • Number One
    • Exchange
    • Rufus in Show
    • Truth Hurts
    • The Twin Factor
    • Mad Dogs and Aliens

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