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Thread: Kim - left handed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AinoMinako View Post
    And I don't think the phone-with-the-opposite-hand thing is uncommon, since it allows the person to use the right hand for other things.
    Good point. I do the same thing, although the phone is usually cupped between my left cheekbone and shoulderblade. As for Kim reaching for the phone with her left hand, I don't think you're cognating too clearly at 3 AM in the morning. You're just reacting to make the stupid ringing stop (and annoyed about the dream it just sliced through. ): "Whaaa'immm'thaaaaa...?" [grumble] Scuzzle Fuzzle Wuzzle Shuzzle [/grumble]"'elloooooo....?"
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    I'm right-handed, and I use my left hand to hold the phone so I can write notes.
    As for the question of Kim's handedness, well, I remember someone (possibly me?) asking Steve Loter once on an ARA Q&A thread we had for a while about that very subject. IIRC, he said something about Kim possibly being ambidextrous.

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    I would go with Kim being ambidextrous, but 'officially' right-handed since that is how she writes.

    However, I have to give Ninjanaco mad props for her insights.

    Since I am left-handed, this topic did get my hopes up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Molloy View Post
    I would go with Kim being ambidextrous, but 'officially' right-handed since that is how she writes.
    I've thought the same thing... whatever hand you wright with makes you whatever that hand is.

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    It may depend. I'm left-handed, but I do plenty of things with my right hand. So perhaps that's what you're seeing in Kim, just opposite.
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    The Kimmunicator on her right hand is a bit odd to me. I'm right-handed, but I've always wondered if that was because of training and not true dominance. My handwriting is terrible (thank God for Word) and I actually shoot better left-handed (ask that possum a couple weeks ago!)

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    Perhaps they figured that since the hair dryer grappler was fired from her right hand that, given the same function in the new Kimmunicator, it should also be on her right arm?

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    Note that in Royal Pain, Kim golfs (putts) left-handed. There's more than enough evidence that she is a true ambie. However, unlike Japanese anime, where among other things blood type is commonly set for each character, handedness was never established for the KP characters. S.Loter has on several occasions stated that Kim is a rightie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commander Argus View Post
    I actually shoot better left-handed (ask that possum a couple weeks ago!)
    Are you right or left eye dominent? I have a guy on my team that's right-handed, but left eye dominent. He writes and does most things with his right hand, but shoots with his left hand and carries his gun on his left thigh.
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    Maybe she's both? I heard this is rare, but it would be benefitial for a fighter like Kim to be both right and left handed.

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