We have managed to just about complete the Fan Art Database. Do not try to upload anything right now. It is actually functional, but I need to give you instructions on how to use it. You will be able to basically upload all the art you want, give each picture a name and a title, much like it was on the old KPTome. There's still has to do some background work to fit in the GJA colors and logo and then it will be ready to use. That should happen within the next day or two. I will give instructions then on how to use it.

The Fan Fiction Section is going to take a little longer. That's because the coding for that is going to have to be done from scratch. This should take about a week.. Once that is done and tested, I will post the instruction to allow authors to post their Fan Fics directly to it. It will be very similar to what FF.net is like actually. I will keep you all posted.