Just to inform: Have you been notified of your KP fanfics being copied?
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Thread: Just to inform: Have you been notified of your KP fanfics being copied?

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    Just to inform: Have you been notified of your KP fanfics being copied?

    I was surfing the net when I discovered this website...


    I found that one of my fics has been taken and added there without my permission... Whoever runs this did give me the credit to the story, but it still ticks me off that I was not informed that A Bond Never Expected was going to be copied and put up on another website...

    And it's not just me, a lot of well known writers are there...

    Should I be mad?

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    can you not just tell him to remove your work?
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    Well it is a Wikki site, so I just edited my story out... and left him a message. I ask nicely for him to not even bother copying my fics and to leave my work alone.

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    Looks like he's got one of my old stories too. As long as he credits me I guess I don't really care.
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    Oi! He's got one of mine on there too.

    The fool doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks, but I guess that's no harm until he starts to take credit.

    Thanks for informing us.
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    I was just shocked that I found this site...

    And everybody who noticed a fic on there has been sayin "He's using one of my old fics."

    For me it's different... He was using a current fic! I'm not even finished with it yet... And still no message from him asking for my permission to use the fic.

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    Since it's a wiki, you can always go in and delete it, right?
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    I did delete it...

    And replaced it with a subtle message... Leave my stuff alone!

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    I went to the site tonight, just to check to see if Plagiar Ed (or, if you will, Long Wind Silver) had perhaps pilfered any of my works. The link first given in this thread no longer goes to the site M.I. found - but now ends up at some site that looks like a search result. The URL is still the same, but the menu bar tab now reads, "The Best FanFic Resources and Information." There's also a line near the top of the page which reads, "This domain may be for sale by its owner."

    So it would seem, after being found out by enough people, enough stories removed by their original authors, and enough messages addressing his thievery (all light-hearted, non-threatening and full of rainbows and puppies, I'm sure! ), it looks like the idea doesn't appeal as much to this would-be plagiarist.

    In other words: I hope the pi-rate knows how i-rate people get when you try to steal their work!
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