so, finally and as bonus, the missing eps "A Very Possible Christmas". All credits for this eps belong to jeriddian. Well, he send me an DVD with this missing eps. So all the material is from HIS DVD. Thanks again, btw, jeriddian.

What can i say about this eps. It's about a X-mas with the whole Possible-family and Kims arch enemy Dr. D and Shego. (Well, she is on vacation but she returned at the end.) Ron tries to "do the job" and stop Dr D to give Kimmi her X-mas with her family. The rest of the story is... see it for yourself. rolleyes:
I love Kims face in the last line of picture 4.

"Mathter and Fervent" was an eps about Ron and his relationship with his dad. Hm, an enemy of the GO-Team and of course Kim.
A boring eps imo. They should've done this much earlier. Maybe in season 2?

Next week eps will be...i've no idea. It should be "Homecoming Upset" but my Disney-TV-station here had some other plans. So there is maybe a pause next week. Sorry for that!
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