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    Kim Possible - Stop Team Go

    so the end is near, i mean the end of my postings, , i mean i don't know what i mean...
    Let's see about the eps i already got.

    "Stop Team Go"
    When Shego arrives at Middleton High School as a new substitute, Kim's shocked to learn that her old rival is actually acting nice for once. However, it's not a voluntary decision on Shego's part. Rather, she and her brothers, Team Go, have been affected by their old enemy Electronique and her newly-stolen Attitudinator.
    Shego as a good teacher and of course in Kimmis Highschool. Oh, and she dates Mr Barkin!!
    One of the best running jokes was Dr Ds attempt to open a glass of cucumber.(Is that the right word?)
    At the end Shego was a good friend of Kim but Ron did this terrible stupid accident and she became evil again...
    Well again, Enjoy!

    Next week eps will be the last i got: "Oh No! Yono!" and "Chasing Rufus"

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    Nicely done Starbase. I really like that shot where Kim is grasping a shruken down Mego in her hand. All in all, this collection was particularly well done. Love it!
    "Say the Word"

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    I like the third one. Miss Go and Stevie in the top corner with Kim and Ron's reaction; the date; Operation Gherkin! Now I have to got watch it all again...

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