For those of you not aware of it: the contest has begun!

Well folks, here it is, the fourth installment of Guess the Author.

Nine writers have created one-shot new stories, based on the topic SOAP OPERA. These stories were submitted and posted yesterday (November 1st) under the GWA account, and it's up to the fans to figure out who wrote each story provided. The one who gets the most right at the end wins, and selects the story topic for the next contest.

These are all new stories, although they might be tied into a writer's own storylines if desired

Now folks, in the 3rd installment, Yvj won the honour of picking the next topic, and it's a topic open to all sorts of interpretation:


The stories are posted, now all there is to do is read, enjoy, and vote on who you think wrote each story.

Here's the handy, dandy list so that you can get to each story quickly;

Addictive -

For the Love of Nacos -

Let's Twist Again -

Loose Lips 2 -

Middleton Hospital -

Molligan in the Lankey -

Soap Opera -

Tampered Skies -

The Days and Times of Middleton County -

The Worst Kim Possible Soap Opera Ever -

Wrong and the Sickness -

The writers that have provided entries to the contest are:

The contestants are:

Gray Cardinal
Joe Stoppinghem
Scoutcraft Piratess

How to vote? PM Zaratan or email him at Please place all your votes in a single email, just for the sake of his sanity (what little there is left, he needs to keep for the upcoming Fannies).

So have fun folks, and may the Naco be with you!