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For anyone who likes music, I have uploaded a couple of my songs I have created for my Fanfiction in the past (Warning, all songs are Parental Advisory)


You have to join to be able to listen, but its worth the few seconds to listen. Songs 2 & 3 are based on my fanfiction (Including a Remix/mashup based on the KP Theme)

Nice. I liked the CMBM remix, although the "10% luck, 20% skill... etc" bit was overused a bit much.

Cut me some slack... That was my second ever fully produced remix and I only had a few lines from the Remember The Name cut up. I'm working on a new version of the CMBM remix though. You know, I do way too many projects...
Sorry; I didn't know. As with everything, there's always room for improvement.


As I don't have a DeviantART account, I guess I'll just put in the links to my artwork below. I've done some hand drawings, but I tend to like splicing together existing stuff into something new using Photoshop. A few of the things were for computer wallpaper contests back on ARA.






"Carmen" (This was created for a comic strip project in an Art I class.)

...Well, do ya, punk? (Version One)

...Well, do ya, punk? (Version Two, my favorite of the pair. Unable to be loaded in the size I wanted because imageshack.us had size constraints. Does anyone know of a image-hosting service that allows pictures bigger than 1.5 MB?)

Ron Redoubt (Inspired by the final chapter of "Osama's Last Stand." I had similar uploading problems as in "Punk v.2")


Computer work:

Da Fuzz


Solid Shego

Furnace (Similar to above, but I changed the background and other things.)

It's safer here...


Wallpaper entries:

When I'm bad...

Nothin' to do with it... (Version One. My favorite of the pair.)

Nothin' to do with it... (Version Two.)

And this final one isn't mine (actually created by an ARA poster from Norway named "Steve Barkin"), but I liked it enough to repost it.

Uncle B.