Kim Possible - Cap'n Drakken & Larry's Birthday
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Thread: Kim Possible - Cap'n Drakken & Larry's Birthday

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    Kim Possible - Cap'n Drakken & Larry's Birthday

    OK, here are the first of the missing eps of Kimmi Possible. I created those colls not with my own caps but i took them from kpfanworld. I hope that is ok and thanks to Brian Wallace who posted the eps "Cap'n Drakken" in HD.

    Well, i haven't seen those eps yet and it's not so easy to comment an TV-eps without hearing the dialogue. So i can just say enjoy my colls! I'll try to get the seasons finale asap.


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    I should have them in the Main Page section by tonight.
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    A little belated, but excellent job as usual, STARBASE!

    You haven't seen these eps yet? Well, that's dedication there. Make sure you take the time to see these as you will appreciate your collages more.
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