I recently resurected my broken flashdrive (See "How was your day" for details). On the drive were some spoof commercials that The Last Son of 84 - now called TheGreenMagic - made during the stint at ARA. The originals were since lost, but now that I've recovered the flashdrive data, I'm happy to say we've got at least a few of them back.

If TGM agrees, I think it'd be neat to get these unique efforts into the KP Tome.


"Revenge of the Monkeys"


A hilarious spoof of "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith." The lip synching for this is the best of all of them, and it's one of my favorites.




Apparently, this is a takeoff on a "Serenity" movie trailer. I've never seen the movie or the TV series "Firefly" it was based off of, so it's hard to compare the trailers or know what's referring to what, but it's still good. The background music is awesome, and the onscreen action was well-matched with the voices.

"Mood swings, of a sort."

....And check out the placards!




A parody a "Hellboy" movie trailer.
My favorite line: "You should be running!"


"Sin Middleton"


A parody of a "Sin City" movie trailer. I really like the background music, and the black and white footage was a nice touch. As always, the dialogue/scene matchup is very good.