I know I just put some people into shock (I did at ff.net when I did this):

The BlazeIT! avatar (created by Slyrr: thank you, again, for your wonderful work, sir!) is taking a holiday vacation, sunning itself and getting rubdowns from Midas; it'll be back, refreshed, and ready to take on 2008! It's had a workout, appearing at FF.net, on RS.net, here at GJA, and planning appearances in 2008 in the new book venture.

Like everything, there's a reason (shameless promotion): this is the picture that inspired two of my Blue Eyes, Shining Christmas stories: Merry Christmas, Momma, and Paint Me a Christmas Memory.

This picture is of Washington D. C.'s Arlington National Cemetary from 2006.

As stated by Yankee Bard over at ff.net:

Arlington is the final resting place of many who served this nation beginning with soldiers from the Revolution. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Your avatar serves as a reminder of their sacrifice.
ANC is the resting place of Joss' mom, Sheri Nicole Possible (all of the following, including Joss' mom's name, is fanon, in my Blue Eyes, Shining JadeKimVerse). Joss was only there at her mother's burial, but she wants to go back after she realizes what happened to both her and her mother that led to her mother's death.

Wade is excited because there are several others buried there that he wants to visit, including Rear Admiral Grace Hopper! (geeks such as yours truly may all genuflect).