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    Facebook and privacy

    I've only recently started exploring Facebook, and I thought this cartoon was funny.

    Why is everyone who drives slower than me an idiot, and everyone who drives faster a maniac?

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    I use facebook its way cool!

    Personally I believe all people should delete their myspace accounts and migrate to facebook ASAP.

    Not only is it friendlier looking, easier to use and you get a lot more privacy options than myspace, but it's also a lot of fun to see all the different social groups there are, for example- 'Addicted to Kim Possible' group and my very own 'Fight For Five' group!

    Users of facebook certainly feel a lot more in control than they do with myspace.
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    I haven't used other social networking sites, so I can't say much about comparisons. But what bothers me from a privacy perspective is that Facebook applications (all 3rd party) require access to personal information in order to install them. I have no idea how Facebook vets 3rd party applications but I've read of a couple instances where Facebook removed applications only after users had given up personal information to untrustworthy 3rd parties.

    I also discovered that in Facebook, if my friend installs an application then that application has access to not only his/her own personal information but also has access to the personal information of everyone on his/her friend list, regardless of whether or not they have the same application installed. Fortunately, I was able to opt-out of this functionality after digging into my privacy options/settings - not so surprisingly I could find no mention of this possibility to opt-out on Facebook.

    Anywhoo, having said that, I still use Facebook. I hope my friends don't wonder why I ignore all their invites to use various applications. :P
    Why is everyone who drives slower than me an idiot, and everyone who drives faster a maniac?

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    I use Facebook as well. I never had a MySpace, but my friends did and from what I've seen of theirs I like Facebook better. Most of my friends have migrated over to Facebook, but one of my friends insists, despite requests from everyone (and I do mean everyone) that she'll keep on being exclusive to MySpace because Facebook, according to her, is too confusing. I thought MySpace was confusing!
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