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    Willk1989's KP Fan-Projects

    Hi everyone. Some of you guys might know me, others may not, but I've been part of the online KP fandom for about three years now and have dabbled in several different fan projects. My stuff is overlooked most of the time, so I've decided to do some shameful plugging with hopes to receive some feedback.

    Fan Videos:
    First up are what I've considered to be my pride and joy. Although it's an incredibly time consuming task on an already busy schedule, sometimes taking several months to complete, these types of projects have always been something I've enjoyed doing.

    Here's a couple of my finest works in this category:

    Kim Possible Tribute: Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day

    This is the first part of my "KP Tribute Duality" project. It essentially sums up most of the series, where the lyrics tie in with the hope of the series continuing in some form in the future. The song in the credit reel is about saying goodbye, but not without expecting to meet once again. It's open to interpretation for those who are ready to let go and for those hanging onto the hope of seeing new adventures. I'm still working on the second/final part of this project, which will revolve around the same concept.

    A Kim/Ron "Shippy" Video: All the Way / 4U

    My latest fanvideo, which has a heavy emphasis on Kim and Ron's relationship during Season 4, and it also jumps around in the first three seasons. Unlike most other videos I've seen, it highlights both the positive and negative situations that have affected their relationship. The song itself is reason enough to watch it, absolutely beautiful.

    Interestingly enough, as you can might be able to notice, the timing on these videos in some parts is slightly off but they have been since been polished. I have yet to release the 'final cuts' to the public though.

    Fanart is still a relatively new thing I decided to try out. Like fanvideos, it's fun to do and the payoff when everything gets finished is nothing short of remarkable. Although I can't draw by hand, sketch artists have given me permission to digitally color their works. So far, the few sketches I've worked on were without backgrounds and shading, so I've been doing that much from scratch by trying different things until finding a combination that works.

    Here's my most recent public release:

    Kim/Ron: "A Sweet Moment"

    - and the Original Sketch

    And this is where it all started...

    Citadel Strike

    - and Citadel Strike: Reign of Evil -Prelude

    This story arc is my last hope at getting back into writing. It's basically a fusion of the KP world with the events of the Half Life video games and the Seven Hour War, which I intend for it to take a life of its own. It's my most recent fanfiction, featuring the best of my writing and storytelling ability thus far.

    Everlasting Love II: Vengeance

    - and Everlasting Love

    Starting as an angst-filled sap story back in 2005, this fanfiction slowly grew into a trilogy with a massive scope once I neared the end of the first story. As I matured over the years, so did the focus of the storyline. The entire arc has been planned and polished for a couple years now, but I just couldn't bring myself to update on a regular basis. Putting this story on hiatus was one of the hardest decisions I had to make because there's so many interesting concepts originally planned in future that may never be written.

    If you've made it this far without losing interest, thanks for taking some of your time to read this post and possibly checking out some stuff that you might not have previously known about.

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    As I have said before, you are an amazing artist, video maker, and writer, you are awesome at all you do!

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    You have some very beautiful work there, willk1989. I especially love the "Sweet Moment" pic.
    "Say the Word"

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    Amazing stuff here. Just absolutley amazing.

    Now how you get overlooked is a phenomon we must study. Anyone who puts that much detail in thier work, and to get overlooked. Well then, I'm adding myself to your fan list. Great work!

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