New WALL-E trailer with Tom Kane as narrator!
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Thread: New WALL-E trailer with Tom Kane as narrator!

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    New WALL-E trailer with Tom Kane as narrator!

    I found out today that Pixar released a new trailer about it, I think it will be an awesome movie, seeing that nearly all Pixar movies have been great, and I'm just dying to watch it!

    best of it is that Tom Kane (Monkey Fist) is the narrator of the trailer, with the same accent and all!

    here is the link:

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    Cool! Looks like there's going to be yet another Pixar movie joining my movie library.

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    I've seen the trailers, and think this will be another stellar Pixar performance.
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    Yes, this looks like it's going to be good.
    Definitely have to go see this movie.

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