Twila's First Annual KP Video Competition
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Thread: Twila's First Annual KP Video Competition

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    Twila's First Annual KP Video Competition

    Not sure if this should go in the video section or what, so if this needs to be moved, see to it, admins!

    Yes, as I promised, a Kim Possible video competition from me! I actually wanted to do an award thing like The Fannies, but that's a little big for me right now. First we walk...

    So, anyone with the skills of KP AMV making, feel free to enter! For more on the rules and prizes, check the link below.

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    Good luck to you, Twila. This ought to be interesting.
    "Say the Word"

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    After a month a video reviewing and long, hard thinking, I finally settled on the top three videos!

    I would like to extend my farthest thanks to each and every one of those who entered though, the reply to this contest was far bigger than I imagined, and everyone had some incredible videos to offer!

    So, without farther ado...

    Contest Results

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