Mysterious Sickness-Can Anyone Help?
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Thread: Mysterious Sickness-Can Anyone Help?

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    Mysterious Sickness-Can Anyone Help?

    My friend got sick in February with blisters in her throat and a fever, which lasted about a week. The doctor thought it was a one time thing, but she got the same thing again two weeks ago. This time the doctor told her that she'd get the throat blisters/fever every time she got run down (and she was run down both times, the first time from a busy weekend and the second time from softball). She and I both want to know what it could be (she thinks she's getting it again) because her doctor never told her. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
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    Well, it's a good thing your administrator has the day job that he has.....

    From the description that you have given me, I would have to say the most likely answer would have to be a viral infection. Viruses like this can never be eradicated from your body. They can hide in places your immune system cannot get to. Whenever you are stressed or ill, your immune system is challenegd and weakened. The virus takes advantage of this to break out and cause infection again. If you wish more specific details, you can PM me.
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