Hi, gang. Sorry I was off-line all weekend, but I came down with a nasty case of the intestinal cruds on Friday. It kept me at home all day both Saturday and yesterday, close to the potty for obvious reasons...
Believe me, a two-day bout with Monteczuma's Revenge is not fun. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy - that's how lousy I felt.
I went to see my doctor today. He described what I had as a strong case of gastroenteritis. He thinks I picked up a bug from somewhere or someone; fortunately it ended this morning, and I'm on my way to recovery. After examining me, my doctor said I was dehydrated from all the "potty stops" I made over the weekend, and told me to drink lots of fluids - including Gatorade. He says the electrolytes and sodium in Gatorade will replenish my system the way plain water wouldn't.
Jeriddian, I apologize for not letting you know about this on Saturday. Obviously, I wasn't thinking clearly. I promise next time that I'll let you know if I'll be off sick, even if it's just in a PM.