I saw another forum do it, I thought it be a fun idea.

Here are some pictures and info from my population of 250 hometown, Hackensack, Minnesota.

This is Lucette. She is Paul Bunyan's girlfriend, and Hackensack is her home. Now the little statue on the left is Paul Jr., but that one was stolen about 6 years ago. We have a new Paul Jr., but he's not located next to his mother anymore.

This is Swanson's. It's a very state-wide famous Bait & Tackle store, and during the summer it's near impossible to go inside due to all the tourists going inside.

Here's the Legion. Home of all the old men you can find in Hackensack.

Believe it or not, our small town has it's own movie theater. Bear Pause has 4 screens inside, and I used to work there.

And Finally, that's Birch Lake, the main reason why tourists show up. It may not be as big as the famous Leech Lake, which is only 7 miles away from Hackensack, but Leech Lake does get crowded, and the overflow comes to Birch.

And a fun fact for ya, within a 10 Mile radius of Hackensack, there are 110 lakes. That's a lot of water, no?