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Speaking of things nautical, I read in Blake & Lawrence's book, The Illustrated Companion to Nelson's Navy, that you can actually purchase the exact rum they served British sailors daily until 1979 (when the RN ended that tradition). It's sold as Pusser's Rum, 42% alcohol by volume; produced in Trinidad and Tobago and bottled in the British West Indies. It's distilled in the same wooden pot stills that were used to make the rum for the British Navy over two centuries ago, so it's supposed to taste exactly like it did back in Nelson's day. I bought a bottle and tried some. It's not too bad; not as good-tasting as Wild Turkey bourbon, but interesting nonetheless. Pusser's also sells a "grog mix" that one can add to the rum to make grog like the British sailors did to dilute their daily rum ration; I'm thinking of getting a bottle and trying that out. I'll let you know the results.
It's good stuff, I've a bottle at the house and have a glass, now and again.

Here's a weird factoid for you: while I was attending UCB, I used to walk past the hotel that Forester lived in on my way to and from classes.