One of the things I always wanted to do was remember which episode the music of the soundtrack appeared in. Some of the tunes, of course, are easy, some not so much. Anyway, I thought it would be kind of cool to remember which episodes they came from:

Call Me Beep Me (The Kim Possible Song) by by Cory Lerios and George Gabriel; sung by Christina Milian: Main Theme from every Episode
It's You by LMNT: All The News
I'm Ready by Angela Michaels: Bueno Nacho
Get up on Ya Feet by Aaron Carter: A Sitch in Time
Celebration by Jump 5: Ron Millionaire
Say The Word by Christy carlson Romano: Hidden Talent
SummerTime Guys by Nikki Cleary: The Golden Years
This Year by A*Teens: (Not actually on the old soundtrack) End Credits for the DVD of A Sitch in Time, but not the version shown on TV.
Could It Be by Christy Carlson Romano: So The Drama
E is for Everybody by Kooler Kids: A Sitch In Time
Naked Mole Rap by Will Friedle: Rappin Drakken
Come On Come On by Smashmouth: Queen Bebe
Rappin Drakken by John Dimaggio: Rappin Drakken
Call Me Beep Me (Tony Philips Remix): Bueno Nacho
Call Me Beep Me (Angela Michaels): So The Drama
This is Our Year by Cory Lerios and George Gabriel; sung by Andrew Seeley (as Drew Seeley) & Kari Kimmel: (Not actually on old soundtrack) Graduation II

I can't remember only one of them, the Tony Philips remix right off the bat, but I believe it was a Season one Ep.

EDIT: I found it! Bueno Nacho.