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Seeing a lot of Fiat 500s here in Rome. They're cute.

Also lots of Citroens. I miss French cars.

EDIT: Today I saw an old (the model they discontinued in 1975) Fiat 500 parked next to a Smart for Two. The Smart veritably dwarfed the cinquecento. And the Fiat has a rear seat!
The good old Cinquecento, those and the Piaggio Ape pick ups and vans were ubiquitous when I was based out of Italy. It was always funny seeing up to a dozen people climb out of one (I have no idea how they all got in them, maybe they're like the Tardis....), which was a pretty regular sight.

Back in 1952 my father traded our 1933 Ford coupe in for a 1947 Studebaker Commander sedan (I was 5) and that made me a Stude man for the rest of my life (I didn't remember much about the Ford except that it had a rumble seat and Dad wouldn't allow me in it when the car was moving). Since then I've owned a '49 Commander Starlight Coupe and a '64 Commander V8 sedan. Don't have the money or space to indulge in the old car hobby at present, but I do plan to go to the Studebaker Driver's Club International Meet in Providence, RI this June.
My dad had a 1939 Ford coupe for awhile, it had a flat head Mercury V-8, with a straight pipe (we knew when he was headed home well before we saw him), rumble seat and necker's knob (those are illegal, now). It was a convertible, there were no cushions in the rumble, so it was essentially glorified trunk. This is why I have a complete set of valve tools for a flat head Mercury engine.