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    Captain's Log: August 27h, 2008

    It's been three months since the start of our self-imposed exile from the Alliance, and at long last we are finally returning. For those future generations reading this but too lazy to read the previous log entries (shame on you!), here's the 'sitch. A little over three months ago we took a leave of honor on May 11th from the Global Justice Alliance due to . . . a difference of opinion, let's leave it at that.

    So it came to pass that we were left wondering the vast density of cyberspace, looking for a base, and on June 10th in a semi-ironic twist we found such a place in RS.net. Lo, the days did pass by swiftly after that, we gained many friends and allies (including one Mando'ade from the France Sector . . . I never thought I'd say those words), and we gained more then a few enemies along the way as well (they've now been added to 'The List' – now with 25% more spooky!). This process was sped up by our vessel's joining of the data transference hub known as “DeviantArt” on July 15th, and it was through this membership that we came into contact with one of our oldest and closet allies – the A.I.S. Fire'andchutes77. Through this diplomatic channel my XO Ms. Stoppable was eventually able to negotiate a deal whereby the FnC77 would join RSn, however, as part of this deal we were required to go back to the Alliance. I and the other members of the command staff were understandably weary of this condition of the deal, especially considering our recent communique with the SAC, and the fact that the majority opinions of the crew had changed little in the months we were away. But honor is honor, so it was decided to suck it up and get to it, and that's where we are now, steadily approaching the homeworld of our old allies. Tensions are obviously high amongst the crew, but that will hopefully pass. Whoop, looks like it's almost time for the drop, time to go.

    Signed, Commander General David Jesse Shepherd, Captain of the Kimmunist Intelligence Vessel Cody MacArthur Fett

    Shepherd quickly got up – ignoring the cracking in his back – after finishing his log entry and made his way to the cockpit. “What's the word?” the brown-haired zoomorph asked as soon as he entered.

    “Everyone's in position sir,” Lt. Charles O'Neill answered back from his station across the bridge. “Miranda's just waiting for your orders.”

    “You there Star-Killer?” Shepherd asked the blond-haired female, using her nickname, as soon as he got to an intercom.

    Aff,” came the reply. “Now can we please get the green light already?”

    “You have a go.”


    Down in the bowels of the attached APC the troops were preparing for the drop.

    “Everyone into your seats!” the First Wolf called out top the troops as they piled into their seats and strapped themselves in. “Come on! Come on! Get the lead out! Lady Stoppable wants us to be ready to hit the Alliance running!”

    Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur,” one of the Bear Troopers growled as he sat in his seat.

    You always say that,” one of the Wolves sitting besides him pointed out.

    It always is,” the Bear responded gruffly.

    Dropping in five,” the driver announced over the intercom. “Four. Three. Two. One. Mark!”

    Everyone in the massive APC felt a feeling of weightlessness overcome them as the war machine was dropped from it's mothership towards it's target.

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