Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all GJA members in the U.S.! Have fun feasting, visiting with friends & family, and watching football (or whatever)!

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    Hope everyone had a good holiday!

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    Urp..... Up at cousins's house...... In food coma.....
    Carpe Navi: Because you never know when you'll get to go boating at government expense again.

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

    I hope everyone got to visit with family and have a great Turkey day overall.
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    Ah... it was nice to have a complete day off from work... to bad the party is over with. It was nice to have some good food not from a microwave like when Im working. Happy Turkey day... or whats left of it :P

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    I managed to avoid the food coma, but not my brother-in-law. We had a whole turkey and a full-sized turkey breast; there was no leftover meat, and few leftovers overall.

    I was successful in not watching the Lions stink again, although I am a bit disappointed that it meant not seeing them in their throwback uniforms - as plain as they are, I've liked those unis since they debuted in 1994 - but considering the only player who's consistently good is kicker Jason Hanson, it just wasn't compelling enough for me to end my personal blackout that's been in effect for three straight years now.

    By the way, congrats to Hanson for tying an NFL record - he joins longtime kicker Morten Anderson as the only kickers to successfully make 40 field goals from 50 yards or longer. Bear in mind, Anderson played from 1982-2007, while Hanson's been the Lions' kicker since 1992. It's too bad he's stuck on such a horrible team, but he's been loyal to the town and organization to a fault, so it's not so bad.

    The nephews are staying over until Saturday, so they brought their Wii over. Maybe I'll finally get to actually beat Mega Man 9 this weekend!

    Oh, yeah... and I missed the Macy's Parade Rickroll, although I wouldn't have been able to see it on TV anyway - our local NBC affiliate broadcasts Detroit's "America's Thanksgiving Parade" instead. I'm just utterly amused, though, that Rick Astley himself participated in this event (even if he did lip-sync).

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    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I spent mine driving 420+ miles. I don't know if I even had to leave so early -- in 7 1/2 hours at most there were 4 vehicles at any one time on the road with me.
    Why is everyone who drives slower than me an idiot, and everyone who drives faster a maniac?

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