Today at work, I got to thinking again about something that's puzzled me on "Kim Possible": There are some characters' relatives we just haven't seen, and I'm wondering: why not?
For example, we've met Bonnie's mother in "Downhill," and her two older sisters, Connie and Loni (sp?), in "Bonding," but what about her father? Is there a Mr. Rockwaller? Is Bonnie's mom widowed or divorced? Or was he simply not introduced in the series because his character had no role to play in any of the scripts?
Neither have we seen Cousin Joss's mom. When Ron and the Possibles went out to the Lazy C Ranch that time in "Showdown at the Crooked D," we only saw Joss and Uncle Slim there. Surely, Joss's mother would be on hand to welcome Kim and her family to the ranch, making sure that everybody got settled in before helping Slim prepare dinner that evening. Yet she's nowhere to be seen. Are we to infer that she's no longer with us? Like Mrs. Rockwaller, is Uncle Slim a widower or a divorcee?
Same goes for Cousin Larry's father - he's yet another KP relative who's "missing in action." Aunt June seems to be the only parent Larry has, since Kim's dad never mentioned Larry's dad coming to visit for the family game night in "Monkey Fist Strikes." Nor did Larry's dad show up to help prepare for the surprise party in "Larry's Birthday." One would think any good father would want to help celebrate his only child's birthday.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and theorize that Uncle Slim and Aunt June are widowed. Their spouses died some time ago; and rather than wasting time trying to find a new lover, Slim and June each decided to make raising their children their top priority. That's why we see only Uncle Slim in the kitchen, cooking up his famous five-alarm chili (not to mention the fact that Slim came by himself to attend Kim's graduation); and why Aunt June is such an overprotective mother to Larry, even though he's nineteen years old.
Another question: Which side of the Possible family is Aunt June from - Kim's mom's, or her dad's? Considering how Kim's dad is the one spending all the time with Aunt June - especially after Larry gets kidnapped by Dementor, and June decides to put up the "Missing Larry" bulletins - I'd say she's Mr. Dr. P's and Uncle Slim's sister. Otherwise, it'd be Kim's mom accompanying June on the "Larry hunt," and to Dementor's timeshare lair after everyone's been captured. Adult siblings tend to escort each other around town during family get-togethers instead of letting their spouses do it, according to my own real-world experience.
So what do you guys think? Do my theories make sense? Or are there flaws in my logic?
The floor's now open for discussion.