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.....Law enforcement and armed security guards are required to go through training in order to carry a gun, and I think that requirement should apply to anyone who wants to carry a gun in public. I don't buy into the anti-gun campaign that concealed carry turns us into the wild west (which is a misnomer anyway since historical records have shown that most "wild west" towns rarely saw more than 1 shooting murder a year)... however I do feel that, without training, many citizens don't have a proper understanding of the laws; when they are permitted to use deadly force, when it's prudent to present their firearm vs. keeping it concealed and acting instead as a witness, and basic safe-handling skills.
One of the more interesting statistics I ran across was that during the height of the Wild West era, Chicago had a higher murder rate than did the frontier, which doesn't seem to have changed despite draconian gun control laws.
Yeah, it seems as if the American frontier got its "Wild West" reputation as a result of popular culture (books, magazines, newspapers, word of mouth, etc.), which overemphasized the gunfights until one got the impression that practically everyone who went out West was constantly dodging bullets. The film industry certainly didn't help set the record straight, either...
The media also failed to mention just how many black cowboys the West really had (quite a lot, for that matter). In just about every Western film I've ever seen, all the cowboys were Caucasians.