The news is buzzing with reports of a new type of flu, a combination of pig, bird, and human strains, that originated in Mexico that humans have no immunity to. There have been 80 some deaths in Mexico and several thousand cases, 20 cases reported in the US (but no fatalities so far), and several cases in New Zealand and Canada.

The news, of course, seems to be blowing this up into a huge end-of-the-world thing, but.... 20 cases in a country of 300 million? And none of them deaths? All mostly mild cases that are recovering?

Still, you only need one person to spark a worldwide disaster, and this strain worries me in particular - it seems to attack young, healthy males... just like in 1918*.

*But why, though? It seems stupid for a virus to attack someone with a working immmune system and not go after an easier target like someone old or very young.

Global paranoia and border closures are just what we need during a recession....

At least those people who stocked up on shotgun shells may be able to use them. But it'll be against sick people, not government agents...

Should I start stocking up on surgical masks and gallons of water? Or am I getting worried about something fairly minor? I'm just a scared civilian. What the doctor's take on this?