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Thread: Call Me, Beep Me - Banaroo Style

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    Call Me, Beep Me - Banaroo Style

    Well, I was browsing the web for KP material, when I came across this tidbit on youtube:

    Call Me, Beep Me

    I'll admit, I found this version of the song entertaining with the techno twist and all. It seemed appropriate that KP's theme song would be remade by a German pop given the popularity of the show in that country. It can't replace the original version, by any means, but it's still a nice take on it by this group. The only part of the music I'm disappointed with is that they're aren't any clips of the show in it. It would make sense to have something in there to identify it more directly. Maybe the group didn't think they any more indentifiers given how well KP's done in Germany, but still.
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    I remember hearing that before. It's pretty good. I've always wondered about a remake of the song. I'm considering doing something like that, just with a more sophisticated treatment.
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    I like it. Still, I am not a big fan of the close-up shots in the music video...and that's saying a lot considering I grew up in the nineties :P

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    There was also the version by the French pop star, whose name eludes me just now, who looked a lot like a real life Kim probably would. It's been floating around Youtube, somewhere.
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    I think her name is Priscilla. And, yes, she kinda looks like Kim would.

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