Just something I want to post, I've posted it on MHA so some things might not make sense.

....Chris and I recently broke up.

Apparently, The Loser (as I will now call him) went to Phoenix on a trip to see an old friend from college. I had met her, and liked her. She was nice.

Up until the trip, where she stole The Loser.

He called me, crying, asking if I could come over. I did.

He cried and told me that he had cheated on me with her. He told me it was an accident.

So I promptly went home.

Nothing really sunk in for about a day or two.

Then it hit me.

Is it something about me, just something unlikeable about me? What is it?

I know I can't blame myself for it, really, but at some point i have to.

I don't have that many friends in the real world....and he left me.

(Interestingly enough, I was poking around his facebook after I deleted him and saw 'In a Relationship with '. Huh. Doesn't seem like an accident, then.)

How can one person make me so angry? I didn't even spend a lot of my life with him.

I just want things to be normal again, or to find a better person.

But if I put myself out there again, I might get hurt.

And now with bonus, GJA-exclusive content!



Recently I have received a few interesting calls. Once, it was Chris. The call lasted 11 seconds, no voicemail message left (I was at work). The next few calls were Restricted.

Anyone know how to find out who's calling me Restricted, on a Verizon cell? I am about to change my number because I am switching to AT&T (Who he unfortunately works for....UGH), so maybe it doesn't really matter.