Christy Carlson Romano in New Broadway Comedy
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Thread: Christy Carlson Romano in New Broadway Comedy

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    Christy Carlson Romano in New Broadway Comedy

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    Thanks for the link, Muzzlehatch. I've just bookmarked it.
    Sounds like an interseting play. If only I could afford to go to New York to see it...

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    Nice to know, Muzzlehatch. Thanks for the tip. I always wondered what CCR was up to, and I see she's continuing to build up her acting chops and her resume, probably more on stage than in film and TV, but that's good. Only a few of the Disney child stars actually make it beyond their Disney career, and it appears she'll do it quite well.
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    The plot reminds me of the plot of an episode of How I Met Your Mother in which one of the characters, Barney, believes his mother to be dying and hires an actress to pretend to be his wife and a child actor to pretend to be his son. The funny thing is, both characters have the same sort of mentality about women.

    Which, if this play turns out anything like that episode, should work well. It should be funny.
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