A Note to all Prospective Registrants
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Thread: A Note to all Prospective Registrants

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    A Note to all Prospective Registrants

    1) We gladly accept for registration all interested people who are fans of Kim Possible who have not already registrered here before. Please register only once on this forum. We do not permit multiple registrations. Also, please be aware that at the time you register, you may not be able to immediately access the board. This is because all registrations are handled manually by an Adminstrator. We do this to personally look at all new registrations in order to prevent Bots and spammers from accessing the site. Your registration will be processed within a 24 hour period, after which you will be able to fully access the board as a new member.

    Please Note: Do not use a username which is a non-sensical mix of letters and/or numbers. If you truly wish to be a member of our community, use a grammatically recognizable username. Nonsense names indicate spammers, and will be deleted. Also your registering email should be a personal one, not a business URL or a URL which looks like a marketing or spam site. Those too will be deleted.

    2) We, here at the GJA encourage full participation by all of its members. So we ask you that when you post that you contribute in a meaningful way. We ask that you avoid one and two word answers in the normal discourse of the forum. That doesn't mean you can't do that where you think it is appropriate. Just don't make a habit of it. As a deterrent, short posts of that nature will not be totaled on your post count. Be aware that a post count here will not be tallied on any posts of twelve words or less. So speak up and make your posts count.

    3) We often get registrations by applicants who are approved, but then never make a post. If you do register on this forum, but have not made a post within one to two weeks, your registration will be deleted. You can register again, but the same rules apply if you do not make any posts.
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