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Thread: Which is the first episode that you saw of KP?

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    First episode I ever saw was the first appearance of DNAmy, "Downhill." Though I only saw the second half of it (and perhaps it was not the best episode to be exposed to the KP series by), it piqued my curiosity enough that I didn't exactly rush to the change the channel the next time I stumbled across an episode during a bout of channel surfing. Eventually some episode or another involving a certain blue mad scientist and a green sidekick got me hooked (what a shock).

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    Yeah, it was one of the short episodes that are 11 minutes long. The other episode that shows with it usually is "Rufus vs Commodore Puddles". It is one of the more enjoyables shorts.
    I like them too, I have Rufus vs commodore puddles on my cellphone, I watch it over and over again, I like to convert episodes of KP to 3GP format, and see them anywhere.
    Cool! I think 'Chutes has done that too with his Cell Phone. I'm satisfied with my recorded DVD's on my television. when I'm working, I don't have time for squat!
    I haven't, though I tried toting my AMVs... I don't want to overload the memory card, mostly.

    As for the first KP episode I ever saw.... Whichever one it was, it was probably seen through a feverish haze. I came down with the flu during SOL week, and that Wednesday (or was it a Thursday?) after my math SOL I staggered home and crashed into bed... By Friday I was out flat on the couch with a fever of 101 (or thereabouts). I'd seen KP commercials in the weeks and months before and I'd wanted to check the show out on its premiere... But I was so out of it I could barely find strength to lift the remote to turn the TV on and find the Disney Channel.

    I strongly remember the flash of the snowmobile explosion in the opening credits - and the feeling of some lonely neuron in the back of my brain flickering in approval - and other small disjointed snippets, but I fell asleep halfway into episode #1.

    I was disappointed I'd missed it, and made it a point to see the episodes I'd missed - something I'd never done before. I don't recall the first episode I lucidly saw, but I watched the show all that summer and it gradually got me hooked deep.
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    Bueno Nacho on ABC Kids, i remember seeing the teaser promo for this show on the DVD for the first Spy Kids movie(I still remember how it went "Kim Possible, she can do anything, except get to school on time")and I had to see it once it started airing. That episode got me hooked and I caught it whenever I could(me not having cable meant I could only catch it on weekends or when I visited my grandmother once a week since she did have cable, I was fortunate enough to be visiting her on the day that Sitch in Time premiered so that was cool).

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    The first episode I saw was "Crush".
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