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    Stuff I have found over the years.

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    Inside TV
    By Kate O'Hare, Tribune Media Services

    Rome (Georgia) News-Tribune
    February 2, 2002

    ALL'S POSSIBLE ON DISNEY CHANNEL..... This June, Disney Channel Premieres "Kim Possible", an animated comedy-action series that the cablenet hopes will broaden the channel's appeal and break new ground in female role models.

    "Kim Possible takes female role models to new heights in terms of tenacity, ingenuity and heart," says Barry Blumberg, the executive vice president for Walt Disney TV Animation. "The series combines action, comedy and heroism with a hip cartoon format that kids of all ages will enjoy."

    Christy Carlson Romano, who currently stars in the Disney Channel series "Even Stevens" (and in an upcoming movie for the channel, called "Cadet Kelly") is the voice of Kim Possible, an average high schooler whose mother is a brain surgeon and whose father is a rocket scientist.

    Wanting an odd job, Kim posts a Web-site ad saying she "can do anything." The next thing she knows, she's pressed into service on all kinds of bizarre adventures, including battling supervillains and evil masterminds.

    Assisting Kim in her adventures are her resourceful sidekick Ron Stoppable (Will Friedle), her naked mole rat Rufus (Nancy Cartwright) and her tech adviser, Wade (Tahj Mowry), a 10-year-old computer genius and Web master who feeds her information via the "Kimmunicator."

    Also in the voice cast are Kirsten Storms ("Zenon the Zequel"), Rider Strong, Raven-Symone, Jean Smart, Gary Cole, John DiMaggio and Nicole Sullivan.

    Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle ("Buzz Lightyear of Star Command") are the executive producers.

    "Bob and I are from Walt Disney Television Animation," says McCorkle, "and this show was the first partnership between Walt Disney TV Animation and the Disney Channel. We were in development, and the marching orders we were given were, Disney Channel is looking for an animated project that would appeal to their audience, the 'tween audience, but not alienate kids, but is a little older than we would typically do over at TVA."

    "Bob and I got the call in the morning, and that day we went out to lunch, and on the way back to the elevator, I just looked at him and said, 'Kim Possible, she can do anything.' "

    Continues Schooley, "And I said, 'Her partner is Ron Stoppable, he can't do anything.' "

    "And the show was practically done," says McCorkle. "Then we added Rufus and Wade, it sort of went out from there."

    "But the basic foundation is a heroine who is incredibly competent in the action world but challenged in the real world by all the things we all have trouble with - embarrassment, schoolwork, expectations of Mom and Dad, all that normal stuff - and then Ron would be challenged everywhere. He would be overwhelmed in the world of the villains and overwhelmed in high school."

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    The Fabulous Disney Babe

    by Michelle Smith
    March 1, 2002

    Michelle talks to Robert Schooley of Disney Television Animation about the upcoming show KimPossible.

    This week, I'm talking with Robert Schooley of Disney Television Animation. He and his amazing team are working on KimPossible, a new Disney animated series for TV. I've seen a couple of episodes, and, honestly, it's the best thing DTVA's done since Darkwing Duck in my opinion. It has the artistic style of the Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack, but with solid, funny writing and likeable characters. The villain, Drakken, is great; think Freakazoid meets Brainiac. There's even a character (Wade) that reminds me of Doobie and, of course, a naked mole rat.

    Disney's TV animation has, over the past couple of years, put out shows that (unlike the "Disney Afternoon" shows of the eighties and early nineties, which were all pretty much identical), look and feel almost completely different from each other. I was hoping I'd like Teamo Supremo, but it seemed to me to be another Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show, copying a style of a cartoon (For S&M it was Ren and Stimpy; for Teamo, it's Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls) without quite grasping the concept. Bill Justice tells the story about how Walt saw other studios working in limited animation and came to him about pushing the envelope of the style as an art form. The next year, Disney won an Oscar for Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom.

    Fab: Where did KimPossible come from? How did you come up with the characters, the sidekicks, the villain?

    Robert Schooley: We were coming off of Buzz Lightyear when we heard that the Disney Channel was looking for a new show aimed at their tween audience. We went to lunch and kicked around a few ideas, when suddenly Mark (Mark McCorkle, you may have seen him and Robert in their office in The Disney Magazine) said "Kim Possible! She can do anything" and I said, "Her partner's Ron Stoppable, he can't."

    From there the show fell together really fast. We added Wade, their mysterious webmaster, soon after. Our basic decision was to simplify the overly complicated set up boys' action shows into something cleaner and more based on appealing characters. We wanted a female lead who is very sure and confident in action, yet human and vulnerable in "real life" situations."

    Drakken came to life when we cast John DiMaggio from Futurama. He was initially a pretty standard mad scientist. But when we were recording the first episode with him and Nicole Sullivan, in the session we hit on the dynamic of her being the smarter of the duo and he being ever frustrated.

    Fab: Can you explain the stylized animation and background ?

    RS: We got hooked up with Chris Bailey who was coming off of Clerks. He brought in Alan Bodner, who had a lot of previous experience at Warner Brothers to art direct. After having done a lot of spin-off shows, our one request was to design it in a way that it can look like a great TV show, not like a watered down feature. We all liked a more stylized approach that would separate our show from the usual Disney TV look. Being a former feature animator, Chris was passionate about character designs that were elegant and animator friendly. He and Steven Silver, the lead designer, spent over a month refining the Kim design alone. We were thrilled where she ended up. Instantly appealing.

    Also, we have reproductions hanging in our office of the classic silk screen Disneyland posters. We wanted backgrounds that evoked that strong simple graphic feel.

    Fab: Any "in-jokes" you'd like to talk about?

    RS: Mark and I appear in an episode called "Low Budget" as two very obnoxious yokels.

    Fab: When does KimPossible air? Will there be any movies or video releases?

    RS: We begin in early June. It will air in the Zoog Disney block on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

    The company, God bless 'em, views Kim as a potential "franchise character" (Synergy strikes again!) so lots of things are being discussed beyond the initial series run. One sure thing is a very elaborate website that will really enhance the content of the show each week.

    Fab: What's the biggest challenge with the show?

    RS: The structure of the stories are very tricky. Trying to balance a fun, fresh school story with a ridiculously outlandish villain story and do it all in 22 minutes. That, and figuring out how to get the words "Naked Mole Rat" into every episode so people know what Rufus is.

    Fab: Who is your favorite character and why?

    RS: Love 'em all. Really. Ron because he's so flawed. Kim because she's cool. Rufus because he's cute. I do have a soft spot for Drakken though. We've been blessed with amazing actors playing our villains in our series. From James Woods in Hercules to Wayne Knight on Buzz Lightyear. We think John DiMaggio belongs in that company.

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    LOS ANGELES -- Sept. 12, 2002 -- Equity Marketing, Inc., a leading marketing services company, will create toy and novelty merchandise inspired by Disney's "Kim Possible"(TM), Disney Channel's newest original animated comedy-adventure series.

    "Kim Possible," the story of a high school cheerleader who fights evil around the globe while also coping with the typical teen pressures of dating, studying and socializing, debuted June 7th on Disney Channel. It became the highest-rated premiere ever for an original Disney Channel series when 2.5 million viewers watched the first episode. "Kim Possible" will also air Saturday mornings on ABC Kids beginning September 14, 2002.

    Working with Disney Consumer Products, Equity Marketing will produce and market "Kim Possible" toys, including fashion dolls, mini-dolls, novelties and plush items for the mass and specialty markets. The first products will be available to consumers in Spring 2003.

    "We are very excited to add 'Kim Possible' merchandise to our array of consumer products," said Mark Siegel, vice president of consumer products marketing for Equity Marketing. "The impressive show ratings indicate that children are embracing the characters and the imaginative storylines. We look forward to bringing these unique characters to life through innovative product designs."

    "We are pleased to be working with Equity Marketing for the creation of new 'Kim Possible' products," said Vince Klaseus, vice president, Global Toys, Disney Consumer Products. "Equity shares our commitment to developing high-quality products, which will be seen by consumers in a variety of dolls, plush items and novelties."

    Added Siegel: "'Kim Possible' fits the formula that has worked well for our consumer products division: it appeals to the kids, tweens and family markets and has consistent exposure provided by the television show which increases the property's long-term growth potential. We expect that 'Kim Possible' will be a key contributor to the continued growth of our consumer products business line."

    Equity Marketing, Inc. is a leading global marketing services company based in Los Angeles, with offices in Chicago, New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong. The Company focuses on the design and execution of strategy-based marketing programs, with particular expertise in the areas of: strategic planning and research, entertainment marketing, design and manufacturing of custom promotional products, promotion, event marketing, collaborative marketing, and environmental marketing. The Company's clients include Burger King Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, CVS/pharmacy, Hallmark Cards, Kellogg's, Morgan Stanley, Procter & Gamble and J.E. Seagram & Sons, among others. The Company complements its core promotions business by developing and marketing distinctive consumer products, based on trademarks it owns or classic licensed properties, which are sold through specialty and mass-market retailers. More information about Equity Marketing is available on the Company's web site at

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    Disney Consumer Products Announces Exclusive Launch Relationship With Wal-Mart(R) for Disney's Kim Possible Merchandise

    Disney's Kim Possible will go from television to store shelves in July 2003 with a retail launch at Wal-Mart(R) that's fit for a superhero.

    "Disney's Kim Possible" follows the comedic action-adventures of a typical high school girl who, in her spare time, happens to save the world from evil villains. Along with her best friend Ron Stoppable; his pet, a Naked Mole-rat named Rufus; and their webmaster buddy Wade, who feeds them vital information via a special Kimmunicator device, this girl-next-door-turned-superhero foils archenemies around the globe. Then, it's back to her family and homework.

    In May 2003, Kim Possible was the No. 1 basic cable program on Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. with kids ages 6 to 11 (tied with Nickelodeon) and tweens ages 9 to 14. The show airs 12 times per week on Disney Channel and Saturday Mornings on ABC Kids.

    Kim Possible Products

    From back-to-school through December 2003, the new, innovative Kim Possible merchandise will be exclusive to Wal-Mart stores in North America. Kim Possible merchandise includes:

    * Disney Hardlines -- stationery, lunchboxes, food products, room decor.

    * Disney Softlines -- sportswear, sleepwear, daywear, accessories.

    * Disney Toys -- action figures, wigglers, beanbags, plush, fashion dolls, poseables.

    * Disney Publishing -- diaries, junior novels, comic books.

    * Walt Disney Records -- Kim Possible soundtrack.

    * Buena Vista Home Entertainment -- DVD/video featuring never-before-seen Kim Possible episode and special CGI interstitial.

    * Buena Vista Games -- GameBoy Advance Item not exclusive to Wal-Mart.

    "The success of Kim Possible is driven by action-packed storylines which translate well into merchandise in many categories," said Andy Mooney, chairman, Disney Consumer Products Worldwide (NYSE: DIS). "Our ongoing efforts to create merchandise inspired by Disney Channel programming continues to be a successful venture, and we are extremely pleased to have such broad launch support at Wal-Mart stores in North America."

    Said Rich Ross, president of entertainment, Disney Channel: "Today's kids want a deeper experience with their favorite television characters, like Kim Possible. This line of products extends our viewers' experience with Kim, Rufus, Ron and other show characters, allowing them to touch, see and live the Kim Possible experience."


    In addition to great products, Disney and Wal-Mart will maximize sales through advertising, promotions and in-store excitement. Highlights include:

    * Online Marketing -- From August 1 through September 30, Kim Possible merchandise will be featured in the "What's In-Store" section of .

    * Wal-Mart Television Network -- Kim Possible toys, hardlines and softlines will be featured daily from July 28 through August 24.

    * Coca-Cola Promotion -- From July 20 through August 16, select packs of Coke Classic will feature Kim Possible Kimmunicator cards (five total) inside packaging.

    * Act II Popcorn Promotion -- From July through September, this Wal-Mart specific promotion will promote the upcoming Kim Possible home video & DVD release.

    * Wal-Mart Tab -- Kim Possible product featured in August and September.

    * Disney Channel/Wal-Mart On-Air Promotion -- From August 6 through September 6, Disney Channel on-air promotions will encourage fans of the series to go to the Wal-Mart Retailtainment event on September 6.

    * Video & DVD Release -- On September 2, a Kim Possible video compilation featuring a new episode and CGI interstitial will debut supported by a strong media campaign.

    * Retailtainment At Wal-Mart -- On September 6, in-store excitement will be created with fun, engaging and interactive activities culminating in the premiere of a never-before-seen Kim Possible episode aired on Wal-Mart TV.

    * McDonald's Happy Meal -- Generate nationwide exposure and awareness for Kim Possible from September 5 through October 2 through a media campaign and 50 million premiums.

    The new Kim Possible line was unveiled during a pep rally inspired by the show today at L!censing 2003 International at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

    --Posted on June 10, 2003
    Source: Disney

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    From TV GUIDE, date unknown (circa 2003):



    At an age when most kids are thinking about starting a career, 18-year-old Romano is already taking a break--sort of.

    After three seasons as the very together Ren on Disney Channel's Even Stevens, she's now the voice of the title character on the channel's Kim Possible (Fridays, 6:30 P.M./ET), which is like Alias in high school.

    Doing a cartoon allows Romano, a Milford, Connecticut native who has been acting professionally since she was 7, to attend Columbia University full-time.

    So, what are you up to?
    My mom came into town. We just had lunch at Tavern on the Green, and now we're going down Fifth Avenue. I love New York. There's always something to do here.

    What are you studying?
    I'm majoring in political science, combined with human rights. And I'll probably be a film minor.

    Ren or Kim? Which gets you more attention?
    Kim. Definitely more publicity for Kim. That's for dang sure. There's a notoriety now that I didn't use to have.

    You get recognized in the city?
    Oh, yeah. One time I was walking by Central Park and these girls were waiting outside this hotel. The Los Angeles Lakers were staying there. They saw me and came running over, asking me to sign stuff.

    Who were your idols growing up?
    Audrey Hepburn, Julia Roberts and Nelson Mandela.

    Who are they today?
    Kofi Annan, still Julia Roberts, still Audrey Hepburn.

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    Girl-next-door turned superhero foils global archenemies in "Disney's Kim Possible," premiering in August on Family Channel

    Superspy action meets teen angst in new animated action-comedy series

    A typical high school teenager just happens to save the world from evil villains in her spare time in Disney's Kim Possible, premiering in Canada on Family on Sunday, August 25 at 4:35 pm. Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, the half-hour original animated series will air on Saturdays and Sundays at 4:35 pm, as part of Family's Non-Stop Weekends (all times ET/PT).

    Described as "Alias: The Early Years" by TV Guide in the U.S., Disney's Kim Possible was the most-watched original series premiere ever on the Disney Channel when the program launched in the U.S. last month. The series stars Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens; Cadet Kelly) as the voice of Kim, animation's newest, most fashion-conscious superhero who "doesn't need a gimmicky mask or a jolt of testosterone to get the job done," according to The New York Times.

    Thwarting evil isn't Kim's intent when she creates a Web site proclaiming, "I can do anything." She's actually hoping for babysitting and lawn mowing gigs. Instead, e-mails pleading for help arrive from around the planet, and Kim quickly finds herself foiling archenemies as a global crime fighter. With the help of her goofy pal Ron Stoppable, his pet mole rat Rufus (voiced by Nancy Cartwright; "Bart" on The Simpsons) and Webmaster buddy Wade, Kim quickly discovers she's capable in ways she never imagined. On the flipside, she realizes that defeating the bad guys comes easier to her than typical teen pressures like dating and homework.

    "Kim's mix of tenacity, intelligence and heart makes for a very strong female role model for kids," says executive producer Bob Schooley. "Still, we balance her heroics with a decidedly grounded high school experience. Sure she can save the world, but that doesn't help her a bit when she comes face-to- face with her latest school crush."

    Disney's Kim Possible also features mainstays of today's youth, particularly in the use of the Internet and all of Kim's techno-gadgets. The centerpiece of our heroine's operation is the "Kimmunicator," a supped-up hand- held device that keeps Kim linked -- usually through her Webmaster, Wade -- to virtually any information or resource necessary to the situation.

    "Using the Internet theme in the series became an easy launching pad partially because it is such a major part of the fabric of teen life and the interactive possibilities are endless," says executive producer Mark McCorkle. "We've had a lot of fun with the gadgets, too -- from sunglasses that are actually scanners to a jetpack backpack to super elastic-firing lipstick. It's as though we get to play James Bond's 'Q' for each episode -- the more imaginative the toy, the better."

    Yet the series' central focus is on the humor and heart behind the action. "There's no material reward for Kim in any of these situations -- she doesn't get paid for her heroics," Schooley emphasizes. "She answers the call because she believes in helping others simply because it's the right thing to do."

    The voice cast of Disney's Kim Possible also features Will Friedle (Boy Meets World) as Ron Stoppable, Kim's bumbling yet loyal best friend, and Tahj Mowry (Smart Guy) as Wade, Kim's Webmaster, who is arguably the most intelligent kid on the planet. Other core characters include Jean Smart (Designing Women) and Gary Cole (Cadet Kelly) as Kim's brain surgeon mother and rocket scientist father; John DiMaggio (Futurama) as Kim's chief nemesis, the nefarious Dr. Drakken; and Nancy Cartwright (The Simpsons) as Ron's resourceful pet naked mole rat, Rufus.

    Created by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley (Disney/Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command; Disney's Aladdin), Disney's Kim Possible is executive produced by McCorkle, Schooley and Chris Bailey (Inspector Gadget).

    --Posted July 31, 2002
    Source: Family Channel, Ontario, Canada

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    'Kim Possible' Impossible to Resist

    (Monday, November 24, 2003 12:02 AM)

    By Jacqueline Cutler

    LOS ANGELES ( - "What's the sitch?"

    For starters, the appeal of the spunky redhead who coined that catchphrase (referring to the situation) extends beyond those with an affinity for blue glitter lip gloss.

    Indeed, Disney Channel's "Kim Possible" is as close to a role model as an animated cheerleader trying to save the world can be.

    That's why parents also can appreciate "Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time," premiering Friday, Nov. 28. The movie, which eventually will be broken down into three episodes, takes Kim (voice of Christy Carlson Romano) back to her preschool days and her first meeting with best friend Ron Stoppable (voice of Will Friedle). No time travel would be complete without some action in the future, and Kim and her buddies find a world of new trouble waiting.

    The movie explains the many characters for viewers who have not tuned in to the series during its first season and a half, and has enough fun moments to entertain adults. As for educational value, there is enough substance here to start a discussion on the beauty of democracy versus the terror of dictatorship.

    In the future, villain Shego (voice of Nicole Sullivan) rules, and, like any dictator, she has taken over everything from people's minds to television and fashion. She is wicked, sadistic and vengeful, and if that's not bad enough, everyone must wear her favorite color -- plutonium green.

    But before viewers see a future where Rufus the naked mole rat (voice of Nancy Cartwright), who usually just squeaks, evolves into Rufus 3000 (voice of Michael Dorn), a well-muscled and well-spoken leader, our heroine needs to get through a new day of school. The story begins with Kim, the pleasant high-school student, starting a new school year. She and Ron have every class together. "It's like a pre-k flashback, without the naps," Ron says.

    The sometimes dim but always loveable Ron can't wait for Latin class, blissfully unaware of the conjugations that await him and hoping for "salsa dancing and salsa eating."

    "Ron is the guy who was your friend in high school who always had the best intentions," Friedle says from Los Angeles. "Yet every time he was around you, you got in trouble."

    Life seems to be on track for the pals until they walk past Ron's house and find a "For Sale" sign out front. This is Ron's parents' way of telling him they are moving to Norway, where he will suffer eating lamb and cabbage stew and meat cakes. His mom (voice of Andrea Martin) was offered a job she couldn't refuse, and his dad (voice of Elliott Gould) is "an actuary and I can work anywhere," as he loves to say, so it is farewell to Middleton, USA.

    After a tearful goodbye, Kim settles down to life without Ron, who contacts her every five minutes on his "Kimunicator," a nifty wireless computer and phone.

    One night, Kim is awakened because Lord Monkey Fist, a human with monkey hands and feet, is breaking into the Tricity Museum to steal a headless monkey statue. The villains unite to find the head, which can be used to wreak evil when attached to the body.

    Naturally, the bad guys encounter Kim, pal Monique (voice of Raven) and Ron, who arrives after fleeing Norway by ridiculous means. But, hey, in the cartoon world, Ron sneaking out of his house, speed skiing, riding camels and elephants, and traveling to Australia and Africa to help save the world is nothing compared to Duff Killigan, the world's most dangerous golfer, turning into a belligerent Scottish cyborg constantly sending exploding golf balls airborne.

    While some elements of the movie are silly, there are many that are noble. Kim and her pals are on the side of truth and justice. Whether as a 4-year-old, 12-year-old or her usual 15-year-old self, Kim knows no fear. She fights valiantly despite the odds.

    "Kim is an action fighting teen hero in your face," Romano says during a break from her political science studies at Columbia University. "She is a really confident, sweet girl who everybody loves. And she is a heroine who little girls look up to. And that explains why the merchandise is so successful at Wal-Mart and Target."

    Walking into a store and seeing Kim's likeness emblazoned on T-shirts, pants, school supplies, action figures and fashion dolls "is the best feeling in the world," Romano says. "I very much pride Kim Possible.
    "She is a typical role model, perfect in every way. How could you not like Kim?"

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    Christy Carlson Romano

    by Lara De Meo

    (August 2004)

    Christy Carlson Romano just woke up from a nap in her dressing room at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, where she has been packing the house as Belle in Beauty and the Beast since last February. Every matinee day, she puts on her super-comfy, holey jeans and her Broadway Show League "Beast" team softball shirt (she doesn't play--she doesn't have time) and squeezes in some Zs between shows. It's no wonder she's tired; she's been working nonstop since age six. Romano made her professional stage debut in an Atlanta production of Annie, toured with The Will Rogers Follies and The Sound of Music, and made her Broadway debut in Parade at the age of 14. She's best known for her Disney Channel work, which includes two Emmy-nominated Disney Channel series, Kim Possible and Even Stevens, as well as the feature Cadet Kelly. Despite her early success as an actress--not to mention a bright near-future as a recording artist--this 20 year old is slowly pursuing a bachelor's degree in political science from Barnard College and plans to run for public office someday. With only about a month left as Belle, she recently stole some time from her decidedly un-provincial life to talk to about playing a princess, Kim Possible, politics, music and being a bona-fide Disney chick.

    What does it feel like to play a Disney princess? You're pretty much living every little girl's dream.But it's a Broadway show, so even if you're Christine in Phantom, you're still a princess. All female leads are princesses whether they're Disney princesses or not. For me, it's quite an honor to be Belle just because she is my favorite Disney character. It's cliché to say that now, but she really always has been.

    Why Belle?
    Belle is this all-time classic Disney heroine. She's the smartest, most intelligent heroine they have. And also a brunette, I might add.

    Your time with the show is coming to an end soon. What about this experience has been the most memorable for you?My opening night. In the three weeks of rehearsal, I worked probably the hardest I've ever worked--to memorize, to characterize, to really become Belle. So by the time it was opening night, I was really ready. I think that was the first time in my whole 20-year-old existence that I stepped up and became an adult. And I'm really happy with the results.

    How have your Kim Possible fans been reacting to the show?Great! But see, some of them are so young that they see me and they just see Belle [rather than Kim], but they still like it because they hear my voice and it's familiar to them.

    I was wondering about that. It must be a little strange for them.It is, but it's familiar, and that's why their parents bring them in the first place. I think it's all good just because they know me. I'm accessible for them. Some people say [about pop-culture figures in Broadway shows] 'Oh, she's a pop star!'--or whatever she is--'She's not really credible.' That's absolute bull. If anything, it's good for the production as a whole.

    So what is going on with Kim Possible? Are you finished with production?Yeah. Production for the third season is done. Generally, a Disney series only has three seasons--or 65 episodes--and they decided to cap it off with me singing a song. I think I'm going to put together a compilation under Disney's name of my songs that I've done for them--because I've done six or seven by now! The latest was for the Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack. So that's the next thing that's coming out.

    I was really amazed to discover how large the Kim Possible fan base is. I even stumbled on a web site dedicated to preventing cancellation of the show.Oh, I didn't see that! Aww. I think I should send that to the president of production, who's a good friend of mine over at Disney, because I don't understand their methods sometimes. They've been really great to me, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with what they do. Kim was a sure thing from the beginning. The animation is killer, the casting's killer--I'm sad about it. I'm glad that Disney theatricals knew that this was going to be a smart move, to cast me as Belle. And it worked. And it showed a lot of people a lot of things. Because I don't think Disney understood how much of a fan base I had either. I didn't even understand how much of a fan base I had.

    What's next for you?Developing a series is a next step for me.

    A series? About what?It would be a half-hour comedy that would really showcase my personality so my fans could get to know me. And I'd love to keep working with ABC. At this point, I can't say what network would be picking it up, but I know that it would be a success. In my heart of hearts, I know that whatever I do is going to have integrity, and I'm going to work really hard, and I know that fans are going to take to it. Because I'm not trying to throw people any curves. While I'm trying to be different, I'm trying to be very conservative at this point in my career. You know, I'd love to do a Maxim shoot. But I'm not going to do it, because that's just stupid to do.

    You must have some dream roles, though. If you could create any role for yourself, what would it be?To play the first woman president in a major feature film.

    You've said that you have some real-life political aspirations as well. You're majoring in political science at Barnard College, you interned with Senator Chris Dodd [D-Conn.] last summer…Yep. But first I want to get my master's degree at Columbia's School of International Public Affairs. So I'd say within the next 20 years.

    Where does your acting career fit into your political plans?I think what's going to happen is if--when--I progress further into the acting community, I want to have much more of a public stance on any issue. I want people to be able to say, 'Oh, well, what does Christy Romano think about that?' Just like Tim Robbins is very political--and obviously, Arnold Schwarzenegger must be--I want to be able to have this public personality that's considered authoritative. And after I make a lot of money, I'll be able to afford running for office. So it can take some time.

    I understand that right now, you are a spokesperson for the American Counseling Association's Healthy Skin/Healthy Outlook campaign [which deals with self-esteem issues related to acne].Yeah. I did some public service announcements saying to kids that zits happen to everybody, and blemishes still happen to me, and I think it's the start of me really getting my opinions to be heard in a positive way.

    You've also been doing some songwriting?Yeah, I've written three songs. I'm co-writing now; I'm collaborating with a bunch of different people. I've worked with Avril Lavigne and Vanessa Carlton and Jessica Simpson--you name it! And I'm working with all these great people at Sony Publishing. So that's what's going on right now, and I'm looking to put out an album within the next six months.

    Wow.Ooh. Yeah. I gotta get working, you know? I've been too busy. I've been trying my hardest, but it's really tough.

    Frankly, just talking about your schedule is making me dizzy. What do you do to relax--if you relax?I don't, actually. I sleep, but I need to sleep, so that's a priority, too! And I go out to eat because I'm in New York and they have the best food here. So I'll go eat places and then I'll run it off in the show. (Pulls up sleeve to reveal toned bicep) Look at that! That's crazy. I don't even know how much I weigh. I don't really care. So that's for now, and then when I get to L.A. I'll have to be all health-conscious again.

    While we're on the subject of relaxing, I heard that you went to Disney World on your vacation.Cause it's free! And I've worked really hard for it. My friends and I had this wonderful suite in the Grand Floridian and it was so great, you know? Disney's the happiest place on earth. I also never went there when I was little because I was too busy working and traveling on national tours. So a lot of me is still a little kid, and I think that kind of helps alter my sense of reality--it makes me able to just become Belle every single night.

    Between Even Stevens, Cadet Kelly, Kim Possible, and now Beauty and the Beast, you're sort of…The Disney chick?

    Quite the Disney chick!
    I'm a firm believer that if you're a hard worker and a good worker, that people will cast you again and again and again. That's just the way this business works. You're a reliable commodity. The cool part about working for Disney is that they've allowed me to be a change agent. They've trusted me, and I've grown with them. Sometimes Disney likes to package people--as the perfect blonde, or whatever. And I'm really not the perfect anything. I'm just me. I'm kind of the 'What's she going to do next?' girl. And I don't know yet either, but I think of it like, 'OK, what are you guys going to give me next?' And then I'll do it!

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    very instering. in one of the articals it metions that kp had 2.5 millon vierw for the first epasdioe. i bet hannha montnna never had that many

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