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Thread: Weird Businesses

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    Weird Businesses

    Seen any businesses in your home town with weird or odd names? I saw two today: One was an SUV that bore the name of a pet-sitting service: "The Lonely Paws Club."
    Then there's a pet waste removal service in my area named "Doo Care." They specialize in cleaning up pet droppings.
    I'm not making these up - honest; these businesses really do exist!
    Anyway, this thread is for listing companies with unusual names like these. Have fun!

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    When we're travelling and can't leave our cat with Mrs. campy's mom, we board her at The Pampurred Puss, a "bed-and-breakfast" for cats.

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    Now I remember, there is a confectionery company named "fat man Cakes" (tortas el gordo), and this company is very distinguished for their excellent pastry products.

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