Kim Possible Fan Convention 2012 - Any Interest?
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Thread: Kim Possible Fan Convention 2012 - Any Interest?

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    Lightbulb Kim Possible Fan Convention 2012 - Any Interest?

    Hello, My name is Donald Speirs. I'm new to the board here, so I apologize if this in any way violates some type of protocol here. That's not my intention.

    The reason I'm posting is that I'm trying to reach out into very type of Kim Possible fan community I can find to determine the level of interest in a fan gathering next year. June 7, 2012 is the 10th anniversary of the premiere of Kim Possible. Other shows have gathered their fans to celebrate their love of their shows, and I've finally said, it's our time, why not us. Right now, we're tentatively planning on the weekend of June 8-10 in Orlando, FL.

    Gargoyles had 100 people at their first gathering - I thing we can do that as well. So that's the number I'd like to see commit to at least a MAYBE to this, either by direct e-mail to this or via Facebook, by the end of July. You can find the Dacebook by looking up KIM POSSIBLE FAN CONVENTION 2012 or following that link.

    Please spread the word to others, and if you know other places where I can also let Kim fans know about this, please let me know.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I will answer them to the best of my ability

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    Thank You, Donald,

    We welcome your efforts here. I think most of us here would agree that a KP convention would be a great thing to have. We do wish you the best of luck in succeeding. I would myself be interested in going, but I must confess that my occupation may very well make that improbable. I won't rule it out, however.

    I would be interested in your resources on how you would get this arranged. Staging a convention, as I understand it, can be a pretty daunting task. I'm not doubting your efforts. I'm just interested in how you would arrange it.
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    As an old hand at attending - and helping to run - conventions, I too would like to hear more on how Donald plans to organize and run this proposed KP convention. It sounds like something I might attend myself, provided I can afford it (here's hoping I have a job by that time next year).
    So yes; I'm definitely interested in attending such a convention.

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    I will mark my calendar. I attended a Pogofest in Waycross, Georgia back in 1990. Waycross adjoins the Okefenokee Swamp, home of Walt Kelly's immortal Pogo and his friends. It was sponsored by the city and is no longer being held.
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    Yeah, I'm interested. Who wouldn't be? However, there's less than 10% chance I'd actually get to it.

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