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    So this is one series I've only just now gotten into, because my sister and her boys happened to be watching it lately, and they recommended it to me.

    So silly, and so fun.

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    It actually is one of the best cartoon series Disney has put out, and although I hate to say it, it is in many ways better than KP was. Like KP. P&F is very well written, has great humor, and even more than KP has wonderful take-offs on many themes as well as parodies of many movies, styles, and other entertainment. It is then brilliantly manifested with an incredible array of different musical styles throughout the series from many different sources that it is impossible for one small group of musicians to be conceived as being able to accomplish it through its many musical numbers, although it seems to come almost completely from the show's two creators. It is no wonder it has lasted for as many seasons as it has. It is also true in that Disney turned to a much more simplistic style of animation than KP for this show, which made production of the series much easier, and as such I hold KP superior in that one aspect, but that has been the trend Disney has adopted over the last several years, apparently to great commercial effect despite the simpler animation. Nonetheless I have found the show to be a superior demonstration of Disney's ability for children's entertainment.
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