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Thread: Kim Possible Taught Me What a Game Is

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    Kim Possible Taught Me What a Game Is

    Kim Possible, the REAL Disney princess!

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    A nice review on the Showcase. KP is still alive and kicking.
    "Say the Word"

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    There really need to be more non-competitive games. I bought a Playstation solely for the KP game. I managed to get all the way to the end. I tried a few
    other games for it, games based on other shows, and gave up. I wanted more of a way to explore those worlds, to sort of move around on my own, but they were so highly scripted that it was frustrating being forced to only do certain things in certain orders. In other cases, there was too much frenetic activity, and not being able to complete a task in a limited amount of time gets frustrating.

    The same for some of the KP Gameboy games. I gave up on the first one I tried because I just couldn't get the hang of the downhill ski segement, and after dozens of tries, realized I'd never get the hang of it. So back into the closet it went, along with several other games I never even tried.

    One criticism of this Adventure I've heard about is that for a KP fan, there really isn't enough of the show, that it's lacking in original content like character appearances and such. But it does seem that the target audience is much larger than the fan base, and so doesn't care about that.

    If they want to redo the "Kimmunicators" using something better than a Samsung phone, I'm available....

    (I do iPhone programming, and this week my company's primary application, in the Travel/Navigation category, which I've been maintaing for the last couple of years, just passed 7 million downloads, at the rate of about 50k per week.)

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    Who knows? Maybe more positive reviews like this one will make Disney re-think their decision to end the KP World Showcase Adventure in the near future. I'm hoping that after folks participate in the WSA, they'll get curious enough about the show to contact Disney and ask why KP isn't on either Disney Channel or Disney XD for all to enjoy.
    "Word-of-mouth" can be more powerful than advertising - just ask George Lucas about the opening week of the first Star Wars film back in 1977....

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