Season 5 this spring! Aw yeah!

Finally got around to seeing EQG 2 a few weeks ago on Netflix.

I'll post my reviews and other notes as links from my Tumblr to spare on image clutter here.


Favorite song feels:

("Under Our Spell" was my favorite song from EQG2. Like, whoa. The power-cord battles were like something out of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. And I’m a sucker for montages. ~_^

One of my favorite moments was how they matched up Octavia’s bowing to the beat at 1:05. Like, holy cow that’s good. Megan McCarthy and others in the movie commentary said they tried to make the instrument-playing as real as feasibly possible, and their effort really shows - to the point it sets up an Easter-Egg at 1:10. Lyra and BonBon are playing the opening bars of the iconic MLP theme song!)

Frames from the end credits:

As it turns out, they were done by one of my favorite Kim Possible fanartists -
Small world!