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Thread: Revenge of the nerds

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    Revenge of the nerds

    What is there to say about this movie except that it's awesome? Sure, it had several not-so-successful sequels, but the first movie rocked. You can even say that it saved my reputation in highschool, when several people called me a nerd. So what did I do? I leaned to laugh like the main protagonist (Lewis Skolnick, played by Robert Carradine). The whole school loved it.

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    Oh, I remember this movie VERY well. I daresay it is one of my faves from that time also.
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    I too enjoyed the first "Nerds" movie. I was regarded as something of a nerd when I was in high school, so I could relate to the characters being treated as social outcasts by their peers.

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    I remembered watching that movie. The part where the Mission Impossible theme song was played would have to be the most funniest scene in the entire movie.

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