This fantasy open-world rpg relies heavily on Nordic mythology, and it even uses some words from Old Norse language, so for example if you go to a crypt, you''l find draugar in there (in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish language the word draugr means "one who walks after death", even thought the original Old Norse meaning is "ghost"), and then you have Sovngarde as the site of the ultimate battle against game's end boss, and while there you can recruit additional help in Shor's Hall. It's worth to mention that Sovngarde is game's counterpart of Asgard, and Shor's Hall is game's counterpart of Valhalla.

The 90% of the game takes place on the continent Tamriel on the planet Nirn which has two moons in it's orbit, Masser, which is based on Mars, judging by it's size and look, and Secunda, which is based on Triton, Neptune's largest moon. The Tamriel has the look and feel of the Medieval times on Earth.