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Had the usual sorting, scanning, and filing again today. Big excitement at work? They're still trying to set up the fire alarm system so it works properly - and they've been at it for a week and a half now. The electricians are supposed to come back & finish it all up tomorrow. That, and the fact that my co-worker, who's been printing up the cover sheets for the files I'm sorting, had major problems with the printer in her cubicle. She had to switch over to printing them on the big copier/scanner/printer - the unit where I scan everything into their database - before she could get me the sheets I needed.
And tonight I just ordered accessories for my new car - those custom-fitted floor protectors from a company named WeatherTech. Since they're located in Bolingbrook, a Go City suburb just south of where I live, I'm going to drive over to their factory showroom on Saturday and pick them up myself. It'll save me $18.00 in shipping costs that way.
Don't forget the fuzzy dice (if not available locally, J C Whitney has them, plus you'll get catalogs for the rest of your life).

I know - they used to do business as Warshawsky & Co., and my dad got their catalogs all the time back in the late 60's while he owned his air-cooled '63 Bug.
Hey, those Weathertech mats are cool. I've been thinking about getting them myself. Let me know how they are. In other developments, I finally decided to get my CHL in Texas. I've applied to the state. Just need to schedule the class and get fingerprinted. I also have gotten my taxes I order and will get the paperwork to my accountant tomorrow hopefully. If not, Monday. Of course, it's only two weeks away from the dreaded tax day, which most likely means my accountant will have to file an extension. But that's okay. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a refund, due to all the tax-deductible stuff I donated to my friend's church.
I've had a Weathertech bedliner in my pick up since 1996, still going strong (truck's on it's third engine at 360,000 miles).