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    Well, from my perspective being a pro on the industry, it's not likely to happen that way. The best we can do is institute the measures to curb the transmission rates, to slow down the spread of the virus through the population. Unfortunately, it is far too good at spreading around for us to be able to contain it effectively, so it will spread no matter what we do. But slowing it down will make it easier to treat the cases as they come up, as the healthcare system won't be so overwhelmed. Eventually, somewhere around 70% of the entire world population will likely get infected with the virus over the next few years, the vast majority in the next 12 months. The great majority of people will survive it fine having only mild to severe flu-like symptoms, recovering in about 7-14 days or so (and even so still shedding virus for a few days after the symptoms have disappeared, apparently), but there is that 2.3% death rate (and about 12% severe illness rate), mostly among the elderly (over 65), young babies, and the immunocompromised. Very young children seem to be affected very minimally. The vaccine, if it can be created, is still likely 12-18 months away, unless we get really lucky (They did make a vaccine for the Zika Virus after only seven months, but that was likely an easier virus to make a vaccine for than this one).

    If you are in a highly compromised area right now (like New York), your best bet is to stock up on supplies and self-quarantine as much as possible. Don't go out unless you really need to do so. Try and avoid close proximity with other people (the suggested distance is six feet) as much as you can. That being said, we shouldn't panic and start hoarding things (I'm sure many of you have noticed the run on toilet tissue and the pictures of empty supermarket shelves in the news). Use the proper antiseptics, wipe downs, hand cleaners, etc. that will kill the virus (not surgical masks. They won't stop it). But even those aren't that necessary as simple bleach and hand soap can kill the virus. Wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face as much as possible when you are out. It is said the virus could last as much as two hours in the air in floating air droplets, and last several hours on contaminated surfaces. It will take weeks to a few months (but it could be a full year) for this epidemic to run its course. If you get symptoms, see your doctor and see if you can get tested for the virus. Plan on spending a lot of time with those books you never quite got around to reading, seriously binging on Netflix, or renewing your romance with your computer monitor.

    In the "safer" areas of the country, the same will apply, but later. The virus will eventually arrive there. Only time will tell if a person who has recovered from the virus can get reinfected, but hopefully our innate immunity will kick in properly and prevent a reinfection. And of course, we can shut it down once (if) we get the vaccine.
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