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Thread: What are you listening to? Track 5

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    Well, actually, Tarkus wasn't written by Rick Wakeman. That album was recorded by Emerson, Lake and Palmer back in 1971. The music is by Keith Emerson, and the lyrics were written by Greg Lake.
    Rick Wakeman wrote & recorded such albums as The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur & His Knights Of The Round Table, and No Earthly Connection - to name just a few. He's recorded over 90 albums of original music - most of it on the piano or organ.
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    Oh, Crap! That's right. My bad. I often get Yes and ELP mixed up like that. I don't know why I can't keep them straight, probably because they're both great English Keyboardists playing avant garde rock of that era. Emerson and Wakeman that is....
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