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Glad to see you're doing well, TWD. The Cipro is prophylaxis from any infection that might get introduced into the prostate to your bloodstream by the procedure. Quinolones, the class of drug to which Cipro belongs, are very good at diffusing through tissue that is not vascular, such the prostate, which makes it a good drug for this purpose. The heart murmur thing suggests a possibility of heart valve damage (It suggests this only. It is likely you do not have any such damage), which makes the heart valve susceptible to infection, and thus the cipro serves a prophylactic purpose for that as well. The medrol dose pak you are taking is a steroid "pulse" over six days time to counter any resultant swelling and inflammation of the prostate, an expected reaction of the prostate to having the radioactive seeds injected into it (Which is what they did. Literally, they insert a big needle through the rectum, thus the need for cleansing your gut beforehand, pierce the lining of the rectum just next to the prostate, about 6-7 cm from the anus and only a few millimeters through the rectal wall to the prostate itself and then on the tip of the needle is the radioactive seed which is deposited into the tissue of the prostate itself and the needle then withdrawn. They perform this anywhere from four to nine time to get enough radioactive seeds into the prostate to do the job). The radioactive seeds they use emit alpha and beta radiation, very effective, but also very short range so there is hardly any effect outside the prostate itself. Nonetheless, you do have to stay away from the pregnant ladies and small children because the risk of inducing genetic damage to their DNA, though slight, is still there. Flomax is used to shrink the prostate. That and the medrol are important as your prostate could swell large enough to obstruct urinary flow, which could be disastrous.

Unfortunately, as you lack to biting pincers of a spider, you will not be able to infect any teenagers with superpowers. Your nether regions might glow in the dark though..............
Happily, that hasn't happened. Nor do I turn green, and swell into a rampaging giant whenever I get angry. ("ROARR! Hulk SMASH!!")
Seriously though, I've noticed it's a little more difficult to urinate since my procedure; it comes out as more of a trickle and takes longer for me to get the job done. And I'm having to go potty more often than I used to. It's especially noticeable at night. The night before last, my bladder woke me up three times out of a sound sleep. Before the procedure, I only had that happen in the morning, usually right before my alarm clock went off.
In fact, today at work, I told my boss about this sitch so she wouldn't get mad at me for taking so many potty breaks. She said it was no problem, though; her father-in-law went though something similar in his battle with cancer.
And thanks, guys, for all your good wishes. It's great to know you've got my back.