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Thread: How Was Your Day? The Not-so-Sweet 17th Edition

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    I got my hair cut today at the local senior center, since the barber I've been going to the last year closed his shop.

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    Had a pretty good day at therapy got 105 degrees just pulling with my own muscles. Got 115 with the PT, no not bad for a Monday. Also go my first retirement check and my Medicare Part B card.

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    Today at work I sorted and filed a bunch of folders, then went down to the ground-floor file room to continue boxing up old files for long-term storage & eventual destruction (5 years later). After lunch, I ended up searching through that same ground-floor room looking for a bunch of old files one of the ladies in the office needed for some reason. I found all but 2 of them - the first one was not in its drawer at all; I know because I looked through the whole thing to make sure (several other files were in their drawers, but misfiled. That's why I double-checked on this one.) The other file was of a code series much older than any on hand; there were no drawers or boxes holding files with those particular numbers on them. Obviously, it had already gone off to long-term storage. By the time I got home from work today, I was beat. My feet & legs were sore, and my right knee felt rubbery when I tried to walk on it this evening.
    Boy, I'm glad tomorrow's Friday....

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    I have been packing up things to get rid of the clutter in my apartment. Putting things into storage. I may be leaving my present job soon.
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