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Thread: How Was Your Day? The Not-so-Sweet 17th Edition

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    Today I did my laundry while I worked on some paperwork for Windycon. I also watched the Cubs lose to the Dodgers tonight, 5-2. OUCH! Fortunately, it's only Game 1 of a "best-of-seven" series, so they still have a chance to bounce back.
    Also, this past week, I made an appointment to confer with the doctor at that prostate cancer clinic my urologist recommended. After doing battle with the state of Illinois over my Medicaid insurance (denied, since I make too much money at my current job) and researching other hospitals & clinics in the Go City area, I discovered that this clinic is the least expensive of all my options. And since the health insurance I'm being offered by my temp agency has a $4000 deductible, this clinic is open to my paying the bill through monthly installments. So this Wednesday, I'll meet with the doc and we'll discuss my case. Hopefully, we can arrange to have the procedure done before the end of the year...or even before the end of this month, if possible (no pun intended). I'll feel much better once this thing is done, so I can get on with my life. I know I'll have to be monitored for this for the rest of my life, but since my cancer is in such an early stage, there's a very good chance this procedure will destroy it once and for all. So it'll be worth taking the occasional blood test & other exams on a regular basis after that.
    It's just that this is always in the back of my mind, planting little seeds of doubt about my future. And I want to stop worrying about it.
    At least I've started on the journey to treatment - but that first step is always the hardest.

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    So True, TWD. Hopefully, this initial treatment option will be all you need. Another boring day in West Texas (Thankfully). The so-called "partner" that my bosses hired to take over the practice, and who has been a total disaster will be leaving at the end of the month, having turned in his termination notice at the beginning of September, and thus abandoning the patients. I am stuck with the entire mess now, a three man practice all in my hands. We do have applicants, one of which will be able to start in January, a colleague of his in August. In the meantime, we have temporary docs coming in to cover the hospitals, while I cover everything else.
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