I just spent my third day in a row, lying in bed & recovering from a bout with the flu I came down with last week. I went to work last Thursday, but on Friday I was coughing so bad & I felt so lousy that I called in sick. I went to an immediate-care facility later that morning, and the doc examined me & took a swab test to see if it was indeed the flu (it was). She also prescribed some meds for me to take, which I filled on the way home. After 3 days just laying there doing nothing, I'm feeling much better. No body aches to speak of; and I only have a mild cough that's still bothering me. I'm thinking quite seriously about going back to work tomorrow, since temp workers such as myself don't get sick pay (I do have health insurance, thanks to my employer but that's about it). I think I'll be OK, as long as I drink plenty of fluids & don't cough on anyone (I make it a point to cough into my raised arm instead of my hand, like all the medical experts tell us to).