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Disney has a long history of leaving its mark on the world of animated series. Teenagers have found many Disney characters who they can relate to. One such and very popular animated series by Disney was Kim Possible. A story of a high school teenager who also fights super villains.

Kim Possible was the second original Disney series and the first animated series by Walt Disney television animation. It was the longest running original series by Disney. Consisting of four seasons and two movies, it ran from 2002 to 2007. It remained the longest running for a long time until Disney’s own Phineas and Ferb broke that streak.

A Synopsis of the Series

Kim Possible seems to be a normal teenager. She is a cheerleader and attends high school with her best friend forever, Ron Stoppable. Ron also has a pet mole rat known as Rufus. However, by night-time, Kim does not spend time at sleepover or watching late night television. Instead she fights super villains to save the world. Ron is his side kick and she is helped by technology nerd Wade. She is also supported by a group of other friends and acquaintances who she has helped in the past. They help her by giving her free rides to anywhere in the world where she cam fight the villains. Other than that, Kim also deals with common teenager problems and boyfriend troubles.

Fan Following

Kim Possible was mainly for an audience of teenage girls. However, it became so popular that it attracted attention from all age groups. The show was followed by a loyal fan base. The fan following was so strong that they started a month-long campaign that actually landed Kim Possible a fourth season of twenty two episodes after it had apparently been cancelled. The series being so popular was spun into two movies; namely Kim Possible: A stitch in time and Kim Possible: So the drama. Even though the show is no longer running, the fans still stay loyal. Long term fans still write fan fiction and You Tube is full of fan made videos.

The Voices Behind the Characters

Christy Carlo Romano voiced the character of Kim. She brought Kim to life through her voice and to this day continues her acting and voice over career. Ron was brought to life on the screen by the voice of Will Friedle. Will has continued his career appearing the popular series Guardians of the Galaxy. Tahj Mowry voiced the technology genius Wade. Tahj has starred in the new television series Baby Daddy.
The fans of Kim Possible have respected these actors for year for bringing their favourite animated characters to life. Without their dedicated work, the characters would not have been able to be as relatable as they are today.

Kim Possible Today

The show ended in 2007, but seeing that the interest of the fans never changed, Disney XD started re-airing the show in 2014. It is a great opportunity to bring in more fan following, especially, from the new generation. for past fans, it is a way of reliving their memorable past and re-watching the characters they grew up with.

Why was Kim Possible so Popular and Still Remains?

Kim gives a version for femininity that each bolsters and works against the everyday “college cheerleader" stereotype. Her dedication to motion is brilliant, even supposing she in no way wears a blouse longer than mid-lung, and she fights crime in her cheerleader uniform whilst she desires to. In addition, Kim's family breaks the all-too-familiar typical image of Family Guy and The Simpsons, wherein the mom is inordinately appealing as compared to the overweight father. Her parents have recognized professions, her mother a brain surgeon and father being a rocket scientist, and they're both appealing. As for her bringing up by them, you will see that each nature and nurture is accounted for here, as she sits down to a democratic conversation together with her parents wherein they basically tell her, "you need to serve detention too, because you're no better than any other child."
Kim’s side kick Ron also gives a unique reputation to this popular animated series. Since the popular romantic comedy movie, Harry Met Sally, and even earlier than it, the television industry has used the trope of male and female friendship. This has led people to ask that if a boy and a girl can sustain friendship without falling in love ultimately? Kim and Ron do fall victim to this over used trop but it is fun watching the two fight side by side without any romantic pressure in the first season. Kim holds the functional and social energy, at the same time as Ron exerts extra of a calming, occasionally slapstick impact at the show. In conclusion, he is the Joker to her Batman; he is the clever, kind chaos in her incredibly organized life.
All in all, Kim Possible was a show that is hard to forget. It might have shaped many teenage lives. Being a teenager is about finding your place in the society. Shows like Kim Possible ensure teenagers that they are not alone in their struggle. Kim, Ron and the group of other impressive characters on the show have not only been life changing but ground breaking in the entertainment industry, especially for animation.
Kim Possible lays the foundation for many upcoming animated series. It is inspiring for many story line creators. The show must have ended up almost nine years ago but the characters and story was so solid that it remains popular to this day. Strong and human at the same time, Kim’s inspiring character will stay in the memories of many. The show and the characters will not be forgotten anytime soon. In fact, it is a show that will be watched and re-watched over and over again. People who grew up watching Kim Possible will transfer the legendary show to their next generation for sure.