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Disney has been famous for spewing out tons of TV shows at the same time and therefore, the channel has gone through a lot of criticism, time and again. Some shows are just a bucket of bland clichés, cheesy dialogues and unoriginal ideas, while others could really mesmerize you with Disney’s original animation and background score. Not every of the Disney’s TV shows could be as big a hit as Gravity Falls, but there a few others who never made it to the hall of fame even though they weren’t that bad actually.

Kim Possible wasn’t one of the Disney’s top animated shows, but it certainly had a lot more than what we heard from the critiques about it; and no way it was a disappointing TV show. In fact, it’s also believed that this show was undisputedly the most successful TV show from Disney. Kim Possible seconds the list for “best Disney channel animate series” on while it also has a decent IMDb rating of 7.2. Kim Possible is also one of those Disney’s shows with the longest air time of 5 years (from 2002-2007). Considering the TV show has been nine years old, the animation and sound effects for the show have been pretty impressive.

For Millennial Generation, Kim Possible may just be above average (it’s hard to beat TV shows like Aladdin, Tale Spin, DuckTales, etc.), but for the Gen Z, it’s an archetype of their school-life issues, as Kim learns about the highs and lows of its high school life, exams, boys, and cheer-leading. But this isn’t the only reason why this TV show has been a success. Rather, it’s the ability of the TV show to stay close to reality that makes it different from the rest. Couple all that with fight scenes, explosions and gadgets, and you have the perfect prime time concoction for your kids.

Another great thing about this TV show is that it’s not every Kim eccentric—the villain gets as much screen time as the protagonists of the show. The clever writing of this animated series is what kept it from becoming boring. And if you could notice, Kim Possible never hesitated to pinpoint its own loopholes and shortcomings.

The humor on the show is well-appreciated by every age group and is a reason why it appealed to a wide audience. And that’s not just the only reason. The music on the show is also quite powerful and eclectic with full orchestrated electronic themes that permeate through the dramatic fight scenes, while the guitar riffs on the opening theme itself is very catchy.

While we may have been told that Kim Possible wasn’t worthy of our time, but if you haven’t seen this animated series, you should really start watching it with your kids.