Kim Possible – Reviving the Popular Disney Animated Series
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Thread: Kim Possible – Reviving the Popular Disney Animated Series

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    Kim Possible – Reviving the Popular Disney Animated Series

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    Disney has been a great source of entertainment for teenagers. Teenage is that part of life where humans go through a lot of developmental changes including physical and emotional changes. Dealing with such rapid changes is quite difficult so that it is quite common to see frustration and confusing among teenagers. It is an impressionable age and television can have a fair amount of impact on the personality of teenagers. Disney has successfully produced shows which teenagers could relate to. The 90s and early 00s were witnesses to some amazing shows that are still remembered by those who grew out their teenage watching these shows. Alongside producing relevant shows, Disney also has been a great name in producing animated TV shows. One of the shows that had great popularity among teenagers and was authentically animated was Kim Possible. But that is the fact, it was. The show ran from 2002 to 2007 spread over four incredible seasons and also grabbed attention with two movie productions. It is no surprise that people still remember the show and want a revival to share the legacy with the next generation.

    Why Kim Possible Needs Revival?

    There is more than one reason to revive Kim Possible. The show was not just an animated series; it was beyond just simple entertainment. Many teenagers grew up watching Kim and her friends fighting the big bads while also juggling their normal high school life. it was a source of motivation and inspiration for teenagers. Kim Possible has many lessons that were essential for the teenagers of that era and even more important to the ones of today. Life has become more complicated ad fast paced since the early 00s so the teenagers of this era need the motivation and inspiration of Kim Possible to balance their life in the current times.
    A Brief Synopsis

    The show mainly followed the lives of Kim Possible, her sidekick Ron Stoppable and a pet naked mole rat called Rufus. The show highlighted how Kim and her friends lived their normal lives while fighting dangerous villains by night time. Kim and her friends were faced with the same challenges as any normal teenager but balanced with a life of crime fighting using intelligence and some tech gadgets. Kim and Ron’s journey to love is also quite relatable to teenage romances.
    How Should be Kim Possible Revived?

    When it comes to the revival of Kim Possible, Disney and the show runners have a few options. The show already ran for four successful seasons along with two movies received enthusiastically by the fan following. The show can be continued as a season or a movie; the real question is how the story of the show can be continued. The options are few but each option will give way towards broader horizons.
    College Years

    During the four seasons, we followed Kim and her friends to the adventures of high school. The curiosity is quite natural when fans want to know what happened when the characters graduated and moved to college. The fan base is amazing and even after the ending the show, many have continued the imaginary journey through writing or reading fan fiction. It could be great for the show runners to explore this scenario. College opens up a teenager to much more freedom and it is also about coming of age. Kim and her friends were a partner to those teenagers who were balancing their life while going through high school challenges. Some of the audience would be still in college or moved further up the ladder of life and it would be a nostalgic experience to watch their favourite characters do the same. since the characters were so relatable and dealt with all the common challenges that are part of a teenage life, it would be great to see how they handle the extra freedom of being in high school and how these characters pave their way through the responsibilities of coming of age.
    New Villains

    During the four seasons and the two movies, Kim and friends went up against varying villains. A revival could be made much anticipated if the show introduces new villains. It would be fun to see how Kim and her gang face them while keeping up with a college life. in fact, the villains could be introduced within the same timeline if that is what the show runners see well. However, coupling new villains with the gang being in college will boost the show in a much better way.
    Adding New Characters

    Going to college is not just about moving up the academic ladder. College life lets you discover new places and new people. It would be interesting to explore the dynamic of Kim meeting new people and making friends with them. another dynamic that could be explored is creating a distance between the friends due to different colleges or whatever the character decided to do with their life. college often separates good friends and it is easy to fall apart given the life becomes so busy. It would be good to see the gang keeping up with each other despite the distance and fighting together against what new or old villains they come across.
    Many of the fan following has moved on in their lives but stories stay with you for life. Kim Possible is one of those shows that played a great role in relieving the stress and anxiety of the teenage audience. The lessons learnt through the different characters spoke about friendship, being you, standing up against the bad people and balancing life despite the odds. Kim was a great inspiration for teenage girls who get frustrated due to the weakness associated with females. Kim taught us that you could be feminine plus ******. The whole gang was full of characters that people could associate with and get their motivation from. A revival of Kim Possible would be good news for not only old fans but the new generation who has just caught up with the series.

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