Kim Possible Movie: TV or Movie Theater Release?
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Thread: Kim Possible Movie: TV or Movie Theater Release?

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    Kim Possible Movie: TV or Movie Theater Release?

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    If you’re a fan of Disney’s Kim Possible, you will probably have been waiting with baited breath for several months now, to find out the fate of your favorite teenage spy. The good news however, is that the wait is apparently over, as it is understood that Disney have recently announced that they are reviving two of their most popular shows for the year 2017 for Disney XD. The first show is Recess, and the second one is, yep, you guessed it, Kim Possible. Not only that, but there have been rumors that there could also be a new Kim Possible movie on the horizon, but that has led people to question whether or not the potential movie should be released in movie theaters worldwide, or if it should simply get a TV premiere, perhaps on the Disney channel. Well, we’ll now take a look at the pros and cons of a TV versus movie theater release.

    Reasons for a movie theater release – If the rumored new Kim Possible movie does indeed go ahead, and is made in the not too distant future, here are a few reasons why Disney may wish to push for a movie theater release:

    Potential for more money – Obviously if a Kim Possible movie is released in movie theaters all over the globe, there is the potential there for Disney to net a very substantial amount of money. Providing the movie is a hit, and providing there are still enough loyal Kim Possible fans, as well as new fans of the character, it could turn out to be a huge financial success.

    Potential for future theater releases – Not only could it make Disney a lot of money, a theater release could also set up the potential for future Kim Possible movie releases, which again, could net them even more money.

    Crossovers – We’ve already seen how popular a Kim Possible crossover can be with another show, as we saw Kim Possible crossover with Lilo and Stitch, in A Stitch in Time. If the world still can’t get enough of Kim Possible however, there is the potential for Disney to create a series of crossovers and Marvel - esque expanded universes, in which we see numerous Disney characters all coming together on the big screen, which could also bring in new fans.

    Reasons for a TV release – As things stand, a Kim Possible TV release is far more likely at this point, and here are the reasons why:

    Cheaper – Creating a blockbuster movie theater release worldwide movie is not cheap, and that’s before you factor in advertising and marketing prices. If the movie was a financial flop at the box office, the studio companies could lose hundreds of millions of dollars. A TV release would be much, much cheaper.

    Loyal fans – If Kim Possible does make it into another movie that is released on the Disney channel, you know that everybody tuning in will be a loyal fan, so viewing figures should go up, as people know where to tune in, who they are watching, and what to expect.

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    Why should I say? Noone visits.
    What proof do you have of this? What's your source?
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    Yes, where did you first hear this? Do you have a link to whatever website or page first posted this?
    And if they do bring KP back as a TV series/movie, will it be done in the same artistic style as the original, or will it be changed as part of a "reboot"? (Lord, I hope not....)
    I'm hoping they'll have enough sense to bring back the original creative crew behind the show - Bob, Mark, and Steve - as well as try to get as many original cast members back as they can. Those are my main concerns regarding a KP resurrection. If they're going to bring her back, IMHO, they've got to do it right.

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    I'll have to find out from the source guys. This is news to me, too.
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    OKay I take a few days off....I was in the hospital and 'new stuff' comes up. While I hope to see new Kim action in the near future I don't know if Disney would be willing to put up the capital to pull it off. But let's keep our fingers crossed.

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    That news has been debunked long ago. Pure fiction.
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